Thursday, February 26, 2009

Honey I'm Home!

Monday morning, my first day back to work after a week of luxurious vacation. You know the feeling. Not wanting to get up to the alarm, not wanting to be in charge all day long, just wanting to stay home. Kenny was just settling into bed when I had to get up and into the shower, which makes it that much more difficult! But I got up, showered, and went downstairs to get my clothes out of the dryer and iron them for work. I get to the basement door and it's locked. I didn't even know we had a lock on it until that moment. Hmmmmm, Kenny must be playing a trick on me. So I go back upstairs to see if he's laying under the covers laughing. Nope, he's completely asleep. So I take my Kroger card and go back downstairs to the door, the door that's between me and ALL my clothes (our clothes are all hanging in the basement by the ironing board and the washer and dryer....I hate dressers!!!). I try to open the locked door with the card, no luck. Then I get a couple different keys and knives to try to open it, still no luck. My copliot is going to be pulling up in my driveway at any moment, so I call her and tell her I need an extra 15 minutes because I can't get to my clothes...that had to sound ridiculus! Anyway, I'm completely out of options except for.........the ax that my brother gave Kenny for Christmas, which was still under the couch. When we opened Christmas presents, Kenny slid it under the couch because there was a lot of people in our house, so we thought it was better there and out of the way. We had since forgotten about it, until now! I knew we were replacing the door anyway to match the new ones in the new room in our basement, so what the heck? A girl's gotta get her clothes for work!! So I took the ax downstairs and lifted it up and then remembered that I'm pregnant and feeble and shouldn't be doing ANYTHING of the sort, so I went back upstairs to wake up Kenny. He doesn't really like to be woken up, in fact, he's a bear if you wake him up. But this was a serious situation. I would have literally not been able to go to work if I didn't wake him up. So I did. It took a little while, and he never really completely woke up, but after about 10 minutes he got up and stumbled down the steps to assess the situation. I never told him that I had gotten the ax, but he saw it sitting next to the door, so he picked it up, made sure me and the dog were well out of the way, picks the ax up over his head and screams all Jack Nicholson like, "Honey, I'm Home!!!!" and slams the ax into the door about 10 times. The dog freaked out and put herself in her house, and I was trying hard not to laugh and completely regretting not having my video camera running. What a photo op!!! Needless to say, Kenny reached through the gaping hole in the wall and unlocked the door and went right back to sleep. I couldn't believe what had just happened!!!! When I got home from work, I dubbed him my He-Man and took his picture, once again, all Jack Nicholson like!!!


RoozGal said...

OMG, explain THAT picture to the grandkids someday! I'm seriously LOL'ing here. So funny!

Tasha said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, life in your house is never dull.

Lori said...

LOL! Love it - you guys are a hoot! And FUN!!!