Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Day!!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
I celebrated today by staying home. Not by choice, of course. I started feeling this nasty cold/allegy attack coming on Friday night. I got through the weekend and TONS of hours working on masters stuff at the computer unscathed, however, Monday morning came and I called my copilot and told her to drive alone, there was NO WAY I was going to last past lunchtime at work with the kids. Well, once I was at work, it's much easier to just stay than it is to explain you are leaving....when there're kids involved, you can never just say you are sick and go home. Ever. So I muddled through, even stayed for the staff meeting and came home and crashed. I left lesson plans for today in case, and thank goodness I did because Kenny woke me up at 3am to see how I was (he was still up working) and turned off my alarm and announced I was NOT going to work. I don't really do as I'm told, but I wasn't fighting this one. However, unlike the self-employed man I married, I still have to be responsible and call in by a certain time, which required the alarm clock. So I turned it back on, called in, and then went back to sleep. It's a full blown cold I have now, which under normal circumstances makes you feel like crap, but since I'm knocked up, not so much. I FEEL LIKE DEATH. UGH. This is NOT FUN. I haven't taken anything, not even Tylenol, which to my knowledge is all I can take, and I'm saving that for if/when it turns into a sinus infection, which it always does with me. I will get up and get through the day at work tomorrow, but I don't want to. Just resting today and not having to be responsible or answer 3000 questions helped, but I know tomorrow is going to suck. Oh yeah, a little something I never knew about being pregnant......sneeze=peeing my pants. WTF????? Cough=peeing my pants. WTF again????? Ick.

On a positive note, I am ALMOST done with my masters work. The coursework is completed and I'm awaiting the final grade on my last set of assignments. I'm putting together the professional portfolio and that's even coming along nicely....it's not due till the end of the month, but I'm going to try to finish it up this weekend so I can get back to life as normal! Yay!! That's my bright spot in between sneezes and pees!!!


Tasha said...

Oh Honey feel better soon. Happy St P Day

RoozGal said...

Sneeze..pee. Cough...pee. Yep, you're either pregnant or gettin' old! LOL Feel better soon!

Lori&Kevin said...

Had to laugh at the peeing! ha!
I so dread my portfolio. We have to present it to a panel of professors too!! urgh