Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shower Game

The best shower game ever?? Well, it's really not a game, it's a project. Each person gets either a plain colored onezie or a white bib. They use fabric pens and draw or write whatever they want on the onezie or the bib. Now, keep in mind, my hubs has pulled some pretty sneaky, rotten, goofy, completely crazy pranks on people over the years, so some of the messages on the onezies and bibs were CRAZY, but you can see how fun it is!! He also was heavily into ebay back in the day, hence the ebay bib made my my step-mom:

Here are a few more...

It was really fun bringing them home and showing Kenny. He actually made a couple of his own!!! Go to my flickr badge on the side to see some other pics of the shower.
This week has been exhausting, I've probably already mentioned that, but it really has been. I need to take a nap but instead I'm going to tell the tale of our baby's crib. My mom was coming out on my spring break to help me assemble the thing, so I went to Babies R Us a few weeks back, picked it out, and they had exactly one in stock. Awesome. Bought it, brought it home and happily awaited my mom's arrival to put it together. She drove out, painted the room, and opened up the crib box. Apparently, someone else had already had the crib, put it together, and wripped it apart. The screw holes were not only stripped but there were chunks of wood missing from around the screws. I had a small melt-down, not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it was distressing. So I called the store and they said they did not have another one in stock anywhere, and wouldn't be ordering one for months. So on to plan B. They ordered me a new headboard, which is where all the damage was. It came in a few days later, actually right when we got home from my shower on Saturday, and by that time, we decided to take the whole thing back, get our $$ back and start over. So Kenny, Beth (the BFF staying with us for the weekend) and I drove to Babies R Us, I returned the crib and Kenny went to talk to customer service. The new person there said they would have the crib that we wanted (exactly like the one we had just returned) in a week! I told her I was mislead about them reordering the same crib, yada yada yada. So they signed us up for the same crib and we'd get a call in a week to pick it up. Problem solved. Keep in mind, this crib was a standard drop side one, not a fancy crib that converted to a full size bed. On our way out, Kenny spies a beautiful convertible EXPENSIVE 100% mohagany crib that he likes, asks me what I think, and I say, yeah, it's nice, but look at the price. He said he didn't care, he wanted it because it was all solid wood, no particle board or junky materials in it. I thought he was crazy with the price, but he said he didn't care. So back to customer service we go! The ONLY one they had in stock (here we go again, right????) was in the clearance section because it had a ding in it. Because of that itty bitty ding, it was actually the same price as the original crib we wanted. So they shrink wrapped it, put it in the bed of Kenny's truck, and away we go. Just like that. We got it home and discovered it had to be take apart to get it into the house, with Bethy did in like 15 minutes. Then she put it back together in about 15 minutes. The woman is a genius! And that's the dramatic saga of the crib. Which I don't have pictures of yet, but I will!!!


Tasha said...

Yeah for the crib, LOL.

Krystyn said...

Those onesies are hilarious.

Lori&Kevin said...

First of all, LOVE the onsies!!!
and, I would have had more than a small melt down over the crib drama! (without prego hormones - ha!)