Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost halfway through the week

Can't wait for the weekends....that's what I keep telling myself EVERY SINGLE MORNING when I drag my ever-expanding body out of bed 30 minutes after the alarm. And I keep repeating that as I take a shower, waddle around the house trying to get ready in adequate time to beat the kids to my classroom door. And then I say that same mantra ALL DAY LONG with my class, who is absolutely driving me nuts 8 hours a day. I'm still only 15 pounds up from pre-pregnancy, and it's still all in my stomach, but it feels like 50. Take a look. I think I was 32w4d when I took them.

And here's a picture of my current child, the 4-legged kind, who has no idea how much her life is going to be disrupted in a few weeks. She's so cute.

I am graduating with my masters degree on Saturday.....I would be so much more excited if the gown I ordered DIDN'T HANG OFF MY SHOULDERS AND MAKE ME LOOK LIKE A LARGE BLACK COW! I am really happy to be getting this degree and the accompaning raise, however, I'm not excited about how I'll look when handed the diploma. Is that just a girl thing, a prego thing, or am I completely crazy??????


Tasha said...

So was being prego everything you thought it would be? You're still beautiful girl, only about a month to go and then.....well your life will be so much more richer.

Lori&Kevin said...

yay for the pay raise and masters...I hope I follow in your footsteps and am big and prego when I walk in December! :-)

Bethany said...

You look wonderful and I can't wait to see you in two weeks!

Melissa said...

Seriously, I know I told you yesterday...but you are so darn cute! I love it:)