Sunday, May 03, 2009


I didn't mean to go SOOO long without posting! Honestly, I thought about it every day last week and just didn't make it to my computer!
Spring has sprung around here! There are buds and blossoms and good smells everywhere. It's beautiful! We were outside with the dog today and here's a 32w3d shot:

8 months pregnant and still not that long till I pop way out there? That's the question everyone keeps asking. I don't know, but I'm not complaining!

We dogsat last weekend for our friends' 6 year old chocolate lab, Bella. Here are the girls togther, aren't they cute? It was entertaining to say the least. We saw a side of our dog that wasn't so pretty...she is a complete B$&*# when it comes to dinner time. We tried feeding them at the same time and that was not happening. Our dog growled at Bella, so we fed the separately the rest of the weekend. Our dog hasn't been around other dogs during meal times enough to chill out, so it was actually a good practice time for her. We will be working on that! Other than that, the dogs went to the park and had a blast. I actually took them both myself on leashes and walked for almost an hour. They didn't pull my arm out of the sockets or make my back sore, which I actually expected to happen. It was great! Any thoughts of getting a second lab have been squelched though, especially with our baby on his way here and a small house. Too much dog to trip over! It was fun having them together for a few days though.

I woke up this morning with an amazing feeling. My hubs was next to me (doesn't always happen because he works at night) snoozing, our baby was kicking up a frenzy (I LOVE that!!!) and our dog was snoring on my feet. I was completely content, like a really happy scene from a movie. I kept thinking, "This is MY family" and THANK GOD for my blessings. What an amazing feeling. I took Kenny's hand as he slept and put it on my stomach to feel the baby kick, and he actually woke up and said, "WOW!" He's felt the baby kick and move several times, but not when he was that energetic! Feeling him move like that sure makes all the aches and pains of being pregnant worth it. SO very worth it. I have been feeling pretty awesome though, even with little bouts of feeling sick, I can't complain. I'm getting very excited!


RoozGal said...

You are truly blessed!! So happy for you!

Lori&Kevin said...

You are very blessed! That is a picture of contentment!
I'm laughing at your doggie's face in that picture...doesn't look too happy!