Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quick Update

Funny Things Said In My Classroom Today
  • How do you spell MANURE?
  • Is it mismatch day (this was said TO ME because I have on comfy shoes with dress clothes.....shame on me!!)
  • ______ won't stop looking at me! (my response was: So look at him back!)
  • Which room are you going to live in this summer? (some kids still think teachers live here year round)
  • How are you feeling? (asked by an adult, and my response was: Do you really want to know?)

I have graduation pics and prego pics to post and cute little stories for each...just let me get my hands on my own computer and they will be blogged about!! My husband has taken over my computer! My mom bought me a brand new laptop (my first laptop ever) for graduation and it should be delivered very soon, and I can get back to regular blogging, which I miss. Stay tuned for pics!


Lori&Kevin said...

yay! I want a laptop!!
When is your last day? I have penpal letters to mail and need to know how long I can procrastinate...HA!

Tasha said...

YAY a laptop!

How did the peds go?

RoozGal said...

I love WELL LOOK AT HIM BACK! I can't type on a laptop well. I'm just weird, I guess.