Monday, May 25, 2009


FINALLY I can post about my masters graduation.....that happened 8 days ago! Whew!

I started my masters degree program in 2005. It was a distance learning program, where you are placed in a group of currently teaching teachers that are within 25 miles of you, and then you meet twice a month to discuss questions (on tape to send in for your group grade) and then at home you do most of the work, in the form of essays. It's basically ALL WRITING, which I've heard is the norm for most masters level classes, no matter what area your degree is in. This program is 5 semesters long, about 18 months, and I dropped out after 4 semesters because I thought getting my masters degree MIGHT hinder getting into a public school teaching position. Huh. I was wrong for several reasons, the biggest reason being that THERE AREN'T PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHING POSITIONS AVAILABLE. Anywhere. So I "sat out" of the program until 2 girls I work with were ready to begin their fifth and last semester of the same program, and I joined their group to finish this up and get the raise I had been waiting for. If I'm not getting into a public school anytime soon, might as well get the raise, right?? So that's how I finished my masters degree!

The weather last Saturday started out rainy, you'll see in the pics, but ended up beautiful, couldn't have asked for more! Despite being 8 1/2 months pregnant, not comfortable in the shoes, the LONG processional, the long sitting and waiting period, and the speeches, the ceremony was awesome. I had to pee SO BAD but I held out till the end of the ceremony, I didn't want to miss a thing! My dad and step-mom were there, but they only stayed until I got my degree because they had a wedding to attend, my mom and her friend and of course my inlaws and my cute cute hubby were there! Kenny was SUPER excited because he wasn't around for my high school graduation or when I got my undergrad, so he took a bazillion pictures.

You can see in some pics how prego I am and in other pics the gown hides it, either way, I look huge, but ask me how much I care because I got through the ceremony without going into labor AND I make more $$$ now, so it was all worth it!!

It was for sure one of those days that goes down in history as GREAT!


Vader's Mom said...

Congrats! You look so happy & beautiful!!!

Lori said...

Congrats! You deserve it!

Melissa said...

Yay!!! Congratulations to all three of you girls!

RoozGal said...

I'm so proud of you...and you look so pretty!!

Tasha said...

Congrats. You look so pretty. I am so proud of you!