Friday, June 05, 2009

5 More Days

Oh the last days of the school year are always so long and draining! I still have 5 more days with the kids next week. It's hard to believe, and by that I mean that the school year isn't over yet. It just seems to be dragging out so long! Today our kids are going on a field trip and because I'm 9 months pregnant, I'm staying behind with the kids who aren't going, either due to behavior issues or financial issues. There probably won't be many of them that come to school if they aren't going on the trip, but nonetheless, that makes my room the dumping grounds for behavior issues, ohh goody, I can't wait! I have my momma voice all prepared for whatever lies ahead, along with packets of work and a couple time out areas ready! Hopefully, I won't have to use any of those things and the kids will be well behaved because they are sad they are missing out on the big trip. We'll see!

Allergy season is here, and I'm suffering this year. It's not pretty every morning! My eyes are so swollen (maybe that's a prego symptom, I'm not quite sure) when I wake up that I don't even want to look in the mirror!

Good news! My new laptop is here! Bad news, I have no idea how to use it or even set up the internet, so I'm not exactly on it yet. But I will be soon!! I'm so excited to use it! My very OWN computer (again) that no one (Kenny) can use! I tried to hide the fedex box when it was delivered the other day but no such luck. I had my mom tell Kenny over the phone that it was MY computer, not for him, his business, his work, or anything else. He just pouted. I'm not being a mean wife, you have to understand that Kenny has his own computer, and he has now taken over mine too, which is why my mom decided to buy me a laptop for graduation, so I could hide it so it wouldn't get taken over! I really do share everything with Kenny, except that. All mine!

My weekly appointment yesterday left me frustrated. The baby still has not dropped down, leaving me breathless and not sleeping at night still, however, I'm more concerned with going past my due date because Kenny was a 10 pound baby and his dad was 11 pounds. That's scary to me. And the longer the baby cooks in my belly the BIGGER he will be. Yikes. So I'm hoping for him to drop down into place SOON. I'll have pictures on the next post, hopefully from my laptop! Happy Friday!


Tasha said...

Drop baby drop!

Melissa said...

I thought you should know that I'm done with school as of while you're teaching, I'll make sure to spend lots of free time praying for that little guy to drop:)

Steff said...

Oh my goodness...five more days! Our last day was Friday and I'd never been more glad. Our district seemed to be the last one in Texas to leave for Summer. My friends had been out since Wednesday. Hang in there...not much longer!

I hope the baby does his thing and drops. Here is wishing you, Kenny, and new baby boy a smooth and easy-as-can-be delivery. :)

Krystyn said...

Yay for school being out...and yay for almost baby.