Friday, June 26, 2009

Back Home

We went to the doctor's office only to come back home, completely packed for the hospital! Ugh! I am still only 1 cm dialated, however, 50% effaced (sp?) which means the cervix is soft which is GOOD. They did the gel and monitored the baby while I layed there and waited.....I have nothing NICE to say about paper sheets both on top of me and below me. Ew, yuck, gross, hate them OH SO MUCH. Anyway, that monitor on my stomach for 40 minutes made me feel like I have a phobia for enclosed spaces and the room was way too hot, even the doc said it was. I kinda went a little nutty in there, like I was strapped down and couldn't move (I wasn't really strapped to anything, it was strapped to me) but all those things combined make me anxious. Kenny calmed me down by saying hilariously innappropriate things about the G I A N T cotton swabs. You can just imagine. Anyway, we left, and stuck around town for a while because I started having what I am assuming are BH contractions, I have been having them off and on for about 2 weeks, however, now they feel like strong menstrual cramps, but they are not evenly spaced out. There will be a couple, and then nothing for a couple hours. So we waited a couple hours, walked around and came home. Now that I'm home I feel the contractions again, but I am not thinking it's real labor because I can still walk and talk through them. My doctor scheduled me for 1030am Monday morning to get the gel again because she thinks it will take 2 times, plus I'm only 2 days overdue. This might be too much info for my blog, but oh well, it's out there now plus most of you have already been through this!!! So that's the daily update. No baby, he's not quite ready yet, so he's going to cook some more!


Amy Herdegen said...

Hey girl-AJ was 2 days early and Sofia was almost a week late....The whole dialation thing does not even can dialated to a 4 for a month before you go into labor or not dialated at all and go into labor that night. For both of mine my water broke. I know (trust me) it is hard but just be patient and enjoy these last couple days of being with your hubby.....Things will NEVER be the same! This is not a negative statement just reality. If I have any advise just rest and hang with your man. I could not believe it when Sofia was overdue....I was not dialating either but had contractions on and off like you are having went to bed one night woke up an hour later and my water had broke. The longer the baby is in you the better....He will be more healthy and ready to face the world. Good luck with everything....I am anxiously awaiting the announcement. I keep checking your blog and kenny's facebook page. I think he is waiting for his daddy's b-day! I love you girl and miss you lots....What hospital are delivering at? Hope to hear from you soon!

Krystyn said...

Go for that vigorous walk...seriously. And, the menstrual like contractions are the good ones.

Lori said...

Come on baby!

Laski said...

Clearly I'm the worst blogger ever. I had no idea you were pregnant.

I mean, I'm pregnant. Due at the end of the month. Wait, that means we were both preggo this entire time?!?!

I stink. Forgive me.

I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait to hear more!!!