Thursday, June 25, 2009

Overdue Day 1

Still hanging in here. Funny how the baby tracker in the sidebar begins counting backward now....I guess it keeps track of how many days past my due date I will bake this baby!! I am still scheduled for the NST gel tomorrow afternoon and now I'm getting REALLY nervous. Oh well, nothing I can do but sit and wait. My mom came out today to hang out with me while Kenny and everyone else was busy working out of town for the day. All my BFFs are busy getting ready for Niki's wedding on Saturday, so we called in my mom to babysit me!! She arrived early (I was already napping on the couch though) and then we went to the mall to walk and eat something spicey. I took another nap when we got home because I'm hardly sleeping at all during the night, so day naps are it! Great preparation for being a momma, right?? Now I'm anxiously awaiting Kenny to come home and tell me all about his busy day. Oh yeah, and to bring home MY camera (even though he HAS HIS OWN) so I can take a picture of the beautiful new bookcase my mom just made and delivered into the baby's room this morning. She even inscribed the bottom to the cute! When I get my hands on my camera, there will be pictures of the new bookcase!!!!


Krystyn said...

Enjoy those naps while you can get them. And, when you aren't napping...vigorous walking helps.

Good luck tomorrow!

Lori said...

You know what they say you and Kenny need to do to get you to go into labor....heehee!

Tasha said...

I second Lori's comment, LOL.

Hang in there..He will be here so soon!