Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I survived day #2 of my last week of teaching this school year. I'm not kidding, it's a hard week to get through. The kids are crazy, and mentally DONE, the teachers are expected to do a ton of things that are out of the ordinary which makes the kids even crazier....award ceremonies, field trips, inventory lists, lunch counts, student files, report cards, exit interviews, the list goes on, but on top of all that, it's glorified daycare every day. There are so many interruptions that I can't even get through any lessons, and they aren't really lessons anyways. They are more like review packets. Busy work. Ugh. I would rather it be a regular teaching week instead of this! I can say that I will honestly miss my students over the summer time though, they are a pretty entertaining group!
This will be the last gross story of the school year because I don't think it gets any GROSSER than this. And to those of you who I emailed this to yesterday, sorry, but it's so blog worthy!

My most "difficult" student (putting it mildly) was getting in line to go to drama class. I was standing next to the line waiting for them get themselves together to walk across the hall and I actually witnessed this young man DIG up his nose and then wipe the biggest booger I've ever seen across my homework poster. I couldn't even believe what I saw. It was SO GROSS. I wanted to scream but I didn't. I just kept thinking, "if that was my kid...." I waited until the class had walked across the hallway and then called him back into the room. I asked him what he just wiped on my poster and he lied and said nothing. I asked him the same question about 5 times and finally I asked him if he wiped his boogers on my poster and he fessed up. I made him scrub it with soap and water (the poster is laminated). He obviously lost recess today for it and asked me why he lost recess. Huh. I reminded him and then he fell silent. While the kids were out at recess, he came up to me and asked me AGAIN if he could play and why he lost recess. I asked him if he has ever picked his boogers and wiped them across his mother's clean kitchen counter. He answered "no" as if I was nuts, and then I asked him why in the world he needed to smear them on my poster. No answer. I think I made my point. You can think I'm mean all you want, but seriously, I think he got off easy. That was DISGUSTING!

I'll leave you with cute pictures. No grossness here!!!


Lori said...

Glorified daycare on the last week is so true!!! Mine was last week - I survived but barely! ha! hang in there!

RoozGal said...

OMG...boogers!!! This is exactly why I could never be a teacher! I have ZERO patience.