Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another School Year Over

(This picture has nothing to do with this entry, I just wanted to include it because it's one of my favorite pictures of us....we were up north about 4 years ago staying on our friend's sailboat for the 4th of July, and I just love it!)
All I can say is I made it through the year still pregnant and thank goodness it's over. Yesterday was the LONGEST last day of school ever. I didn't get a break for lunch or when the kids when to their elective....another multi-age teacher wanted to include my class with his pizza party and ice cream party, which happened to be during our lunch time, but meant we had to have the party in our classrooms, which meant no break. The party lasted a long time, erasing any time the kids would have spent in their elective and giving me a break. So I went from 755am to 330pm with the kids without a break. It was so crazy. I even had to take them to the bathroom with me about 6 times and make them wait out in the hallway while I used the bathroom because my parapro was subbing and I literally had NO ONE to relieve me. And the kids continued to tattle on each other and call my name and ask questions WHILE I WAS PEEING. OMG was I tired. When I got home I literally crashed on the couch until 7pm. The Wings game was on at 8pm and Kenny's buddy was coming over, so I woke up at 7pm, dragged myself off the couch and tidied up a little. Then I sat back down on the couch and realized how messy the livingroom was. I said something about it (usually I just pick it up because if I don't it doesn't get done) and Kenny cleaned the whole livingroom, vacuuming included. I mean he dusted, vacuumed, AND put stuff away. I was floored! And thankful! I think he's finally taking pity on my low energy level and tiredness! It was great! It did feel wierd to be sitting on my ass while someone else cleaned up, I'm not used to that at all! Not complaining though!
I'm now 38 weeks 2 days, and feeling especially huge. Every time I eat anything, I feel like a tubbo and icky, but Tasha has reassured me that that's normal and others have too, so I am just giving in to feeling like that. Ugh. My doctor's appointment this week left me feeling anxious. The doctor (not one of my normal docs) told me she wasn't sure the baby was of a good size (not big enough) and is sending me for another fetal ultrasound on Monday. Then my regular doctors appointment is Wednesday so that's when I'll know how big or small this baby is. I can't imagine producing anything small, especially given Kenny's family history of huge babies. My brother and I were small and average sizes, but even though I haven't gained a ton of weight for this pregnancy, I'm not small by any means. So I've had several days to think about this and the anxiety has settled for the most part. But I'm still somewhat worried. I'm sure it will all be okay, I do hear about women being alarmed in late stages of pregnancy and all ends up being fine with a nice healthy baby, so that's what I'm hoping for.
Off to a bachelorette party tonight, or just the dinner for me, I'll be skipping the bar outting afterwards. I'm excited to go out with the ladies!! I know it will be one of my last for a little while.
I am typing on my new computer! Our internet service people came this morning and put in the wireless router and I'm online on my new laptop! Yay!!! I have some work to do figuring out how to use Windows Vista and how to find different things on this computer that aren't in the same place as my old one. I will be calling Niki constantly to ask her where things are...she won't care though. I feel so spoiled sitting at my coffee table with my laptop!
I did get some down time today, time to just relax and chill and think about the fact that I'm not going to teach on Monday. I still have to go to work on Monday for four hours, just for meetings (probably goofy ones), but I don't have to be "on" or responsible or anything. Woo-hoo! Just in time for this baby!


Tasha said...

I'm know the baby is okay...Small babies are fun to cuddle. LOL. Remember if anything was really wrong they would have sent you to the hospital right away!

If you need me call me, I am here for you!

Love ya!

Lori said...

Love that pic!
I know NOTHING about babies or having babies so I would be worried too. I am sure everything is fine though. Keep us updated!!

RoozGal said...

Well I know everything is fine because I'm reading this so late, but I'm sorry you had a little scare. That's the worst part about being a mom...the worry. It's only just beginning, but it's all so worth it! BTW, I love the photo of you/Kenny and I love the fact that you finally got your new computer! I was happy to see you on Twitter! That's where I blog now, ya know. Welcome aboard!