Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still no more dialating!!

Last doctor's appointment was today. And after all the false contractions I've had I'm still only dialated 1/2 cm. Can you believe it??? My doc scheduled me for Friday to have a gel put on my cervix to help me dialate more. I have heard this is something that generally works, and in the favor of labor and not leading to C-sections, so I'm good with it. I've also heard a couple of my friends tell me it won't do anything, but it's what my doctor wants to do next, and I trust her, so on with the show! I am still feeling lots of pressure down there and the contractions, although they are hit and miss, no routine to them at all. Today I can add a little cramping to the list. This may be TMI, and maybe you're sick of hearing about baby talk, but it's literally all I can think about!! I'm sure all you mommas know what that's like, right? I'll keep updating every day and hopefully Kenny will be updating from the hospital soon with good baby news! Now I'm going to actually SIT DOWN and not move for once during this pregnancy. I can honestly say that I am going to do that now!!


Lori said...

Sorry girl! Hang in there!

Tasha said...

Well you laster longer than I did, LOL. The gel always worked for me. It always snuck up on me. It started with a little back ache and then holy cow I think I'm in labor sort of thing. YOU BETTER CALL ME WHEN YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL THOUGH. I MUST KNOW WHEN HE COMES....

Love ya