Sunday, July 26, 2009

20 Days and Counting!

(Yes, the onezie says "Dad Won Me On Ebay"....we couldn't resist!!)

I have started an entry SEVERAL times in the last week but a certain little someone (itty bitty little guy who demands food every couple of hours) has seen to it that I do not get computer time in! But he's so worth it. Anyway, I can't believe he'll be 3 weeks old already tomorrow. I feel like I was just wheeled in for that c-section. Ugh.
Anyway, he's still doing wonderfully! He's up every 2-3 hours at night for food and usually goes right back to sleep. He's still sleeping tons during the day but today he was awake and playing for more hours than normal. I'm hoping that means more sleeping hours at night? I'm not counting on it but here's to hoping.

Kenny has been graciously giving me outs every day on my own, and I don't go far, just to Starbucks or Michaels or somewhere to get away for a half hour. Believe me, it's making a WORLD of difference in how I'm handling this new life. I battled depression years ago over a certain incident and they say if you have ever dealt with depression in your life, when you have a baby you are much more prone to post partum depression, more than just the normal baby blues. So Kenny and I have been on the same program to keep me from having that, and I must say we are doing a great job! He has never once mentioned needing a break from either me or Carson, but tonight I have him one and made him go play golf for a little while. When he was pulling out of the driveway I had Carson in his stroller and the dog on her leash and we were just beginning a walk. Kenny drove along side of us for a block and yelled through the window of the truck that everything important in his life was right there on that sidewalk....what a guy! Don't worry, he's not always that sappy, but it's cute when he is!

This week Carson recognized many face, Kenny's voice and I think his face too, he's been smiling a little, not sure if it's gas or what, but I'll take those toothless grins anytime! He's cooing and making lots of movements with his arms and legs and loves to flail around when he's laying on the floor or in his swing. He's an active little dude as he was in my tummy!

I could go on and on about the cuteness, but I'll leave you with pictures....that's all anyone really wants to see anyway, right??

Kisses from Dad

Kisses from Mom

Love from Grandma O


Lori said...

Are we still a little bitter over the C-section? ha!
He is such a cutie & Kenny is one thoughtful daddy!!
Thanks for the heads up on the depression thing. Yet another thing I've learned from you. I suffered from depression once too and never want to go through that again. so, keep the education coming! :)

Tasha said...

That comment Kenny made, made me tear up. How sweet was that.

Vader's Mom said...

Precious. Just precious - all of you!