Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Post Where I Don't Talk About The Baby

We have had a special treatment done to our dog BB twice now. It's called the Furminator, and it's a special sharp comb/brush thing that she is brushed with at the dog grooming place. It pulls out oodles and oodles of hair, more than any average brush or comb could. It's amazing! At least the first time it was. The second time we had it done in April, it didn't work as well. I'm not sure if it was the timing with her shedding or what, but I wasn't happy with the results. So the other day I was talking to a neighbor who had their lab at Petsmart and got the same treatment, but it was much more expensive than the dog grooming place we took BB to. I went into Petsmart and talked to the groomers there about it, and ended up buying the actual Furminator comb. It comes in 3 sizes, I got the medium size for $33, and yesterday I tried it out. The picture on the package shows a dog laying on the floor surrounded by its hair after being combed, and I'm telling you THAT REALLY HAPPENS!! Our entire front yard was coated with BB's hair. I combed her for about 30 minutes and she looks about 10 pounds thinner! I can't even believe how much hair this thing pulls off her! If you have a shedding dog, this is the best thing ever! After I was done combing her, she got a bath (in Kenny's shower of course, NOT mine!) and looks like a new dog, and smells like one too! It's been way to long that BB hasn't been cleaned, plus a few lake days in there made for one smelly dog!! Here's the website, check it out! I'm not selling this or anything, just a big fan!


Bethany said...

We have one too!! Our breeder told us about it so we went ahead and got one when we were buying all the new puppy stuff. I have only used it a couple of times and Memphis isn't really shedding yet so I haven't gotten the results that I have hoped for, but I think once he gets his full coat this furminator will be the best comb ever!!

Lori said...

Oh, how I do NOT miss the shedding. Labs have hair/fur like rotties and Rocky was like that. That undercoat is something else!!