Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Getting ready for a garage sale

SCARY is how my backyard is to be described right now. Kenny decided to "clean out the garage" on Sunday and he's still not done. Funny thing is, he started Sunday midday (I was against this from the start because he RARELY FINISHES ANYTHING) and when he "took a break" Sunday evening, he never finished. And yes, most of the crap in the backyard and driveway is going to be in the garage sale we're having this weekend, and if it doesn't sell, it's going to the curb, but I have had to look at this INSANE mess all week and it's anxiety causing, let me tell you. Our sale is starting Friday and I can't wait to get it all set up tomorrow and have it GONE! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Keep your fingers crossed for me that Kenny will really allow things to be thrown out afterwards. I need this!

Today is day 4 on Phase 2 of Southbeach. I skipped Phase 1. It's just too hard to go from normal eating to Phase 1. So I am on Phase 2 which is basically carb free except for some crackers and fruit, which are good carbs. I need to jump start this weight loss or I'll get frustrated!!! I've also been walking with my neighbor who had a c-section 7 weeks before I did. She also had a boy, so we stroll with our babes feel the burn! I think we're up to over 2 miles, and it feels so great to be back to exercising. Today I went to the gym and did a modified version of my old routine. Treadmill for 30 minutes (used to be about 45) and several weight training machines, a couple on upper body and a couple on lower. I didn't do many reps on each, and I won't until I work up my endurance again. Although when I jogged today I lasted more than I thought possible. The true test will be how I feel tonight and in the morning. I decided to blog about getting back into shape and use it as motivation to keep going....if I don't write about it for a while, ask me about it so I have to answer to someone! I WANT and NEED to be held accountable. I lost 30 pounds doing Southbeach in 2006 and I've kept it off with exercise, and my goal is to lose another 30 pounds once I'm back to pre-baby weight. So that's the deal on eating/working out, I can't believe I wrote so much about it, now I HAVE to make it happen else!!

For two days now Carson has taken a nap in the morning, a longer nap in the afternoon, and fell asleep at 830pm on his own. He has always taken naps, but yesterday and today they were the same times each day, and that has never happened! So maybe he's starting to put himself on a schedule? He's 8 weeks old, and I've heard that by three months lots of babies are on some kind of self-made schedule. Maybe this is the beginning of that???

Some unrelated pictures....

About to cry in the bumbo......

Enjoying a bath!

Hangin' in the bumbo NOT crying....he looks sad but he really was happy, I promise!


Tasha said...

What a sweet little man you have. Ben was on a pretty good schedule between 8-12 weeks, YAYAYAYAY for schedules!

Lori said...

Lovin' that bumbo or whatever you call it! ha! He looks like a little man.
As for Kenny not finishing aren't alone! Neither does Kevin. I gave him a honey-do list one day last week and when I got home he had STARTED everything on the list but finished NONE of it! URgh!