Monday, November 09, 2009


Oh the business around here. I haven't been able to sit down and do my normal weekly post with pics until now because Kenny didn't go hunting this weekend. I know it sounds crazy, but I actually can get MORE on weekends when it's just Carson and I. When Kenny's here, he pulls me in every direction possible and we end up being gone all day or something...I think he's more high maintenance than the baby!! But I love it, I admit!
Since next weekend is opening gun season, Kenny will be gone, so we took advantage of him being here yesterday and went shopping together. We left Carson with Grandma and spent 3 hours together, just us. I'm still so torn about doing that because I'm at work every day and when I come home, it's all Carson time. The weekends are the same way. I SOO look forward to and enjoy every single uninterrupted moment with him on the weekends, so getting me to leave without him was hard. But we needed it for ourselves, so we went. We had a blast and Kenny bought all his new essential hunting gear!! Of course we bought Carson some baby camo stuff. As if he doesn't have enough already, but it's just so cute we couldn't resist!
I'm going to get the H1N1 vaccination today, the mist. I'm not elligible ANYWHERE at the locations in my county to get the shot, so this is what I've decided to do. Believe me, I've researched and read and talked to dozens of people about this. Because the baby is so young, it would be so dangerous if he got the flu, and since I work with kids and will most likely come into contact with it there, I'm the most likely person to pass it to the baby or Kenny. So after researching all my options, I decided to get it today. I'm curious what other people are doing, so could you leave a comment and let me know?
I have completed about half my Christmas shopping....I'm so PROUD of myself for that!! I have done lots of online shopping, and I think a couple more shopping sprees and I'll be finished. That makes me feel like I'm ahead of the game, but I'm sure many of you are already FINISHED at this point! We decided not to buy Carson much because we know everyone else will be buying him things and it's not like he knows what Christmas is this year. But of course, I've snuck in some toys here and can I not?? It's so much fun to shop for him!!

I just realized that Carson is NOT smiling in any of these pictures....I promise he smiles all the time!! He was just being a serious baby!!


Melissa said...

Wow! You were up early posting this morning:)

Your pictures are adorable! Carson is such an adorable baby...even when he's not smiling:)

As for the H1N1 shot, I didn't get it. I got the regular flu shot but passed on the swine flu vaccination. I've heard that it can take up to a month for the vaccine to kick in and we already have kids with it so I figured it might not be worth it. We had some kids out Friday because they got the vaccine on Thursday afternoon and I heard it's a live vaccination...anyhow, that's the latest:)

Have a good Monday!

Tasha said...

Carson is getting so big..I can't believe it everytime you post a new pic of him...

Christmas shopping for us is done too...Well its in layaway and we are still paying, but its all there..Good idea on not buying a lot...We only bought Ben like 2or 3 things last year...This year though not so much each child is getting like 5 things...I guess thats because last Christmas was so scary with having no job we wanted to make up for it this year...Oh well one yr to splurge is okay...

Love YA

Lori said...

Love that first picture of the two of you! So cute!!