Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Wrap Up

Carson's first Christmas was.........hectic. And fun, and snowy (then it rained) and all in all, the kid made out like a bandit. So did the dog!! She actually got just as much as Carson. Funny how that works. Kenny and I have both been blessed with wonderful families who give too much if that is possible. We are both VERY thankful.

Today we are going to our last Christmas party. This one is my mom's extended family, where we just buy for the kiddies and bring a white elephant gift and play a game with the presents. It's fun and low key, nothing formal. A very nice way to wrap up the season!

I have to be honest....I'm all Christmased out. I shopped early to avoid this feeling, and it still hit me. Is it bad to want all the Christmas stuff put away already? I love the lights and the tree and all the pretty stuff, but I'm over it already. Usually this feeling doesn't hit until New Years. Maybe I have it early this year because Christmas with a baby is more hectic, but in a good way. I don't know, but in any case, I'm ready for some REAL down time. In which I don't leave the house OR my PJs all day long and just play with my baby and bug Kenny while he's working in the basement. I have a few projects to accomplish on this week off, but all in all, I want to remain in those pajamas as long as I can and do as little as I can.

And next year on Christmas, I want to stay home. REALLY stay home. Carson will be 1 1/2 and he'll be able to open presents and get excited. I doubt he'll know what Santa is or the true meaning of Christmas yet, but I want that magical feeling that I had as a kid on Christmas Day, and I think that means staying home. Anyone can come and visit, all day long, but I do not want to get into a car AT ALL!!! We didn't travel too much this year, but it was hectic and we did leave on Christmas Day for 1/2 the day. Do you think I can make this wish come true next year?? Here's to hoping!

I promise we had a great Christmas.....we really truly did. I'm not complaining at all. I just am exhausted! I will post pictures later of the baby in all his Christmas glory. He was the star!!! Merry Christmas!!


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Lori said...

Wow - check out that comment above! Is that chinese?
I think you can make that wish come true - you just got to have Kenny on board. I have already told Kevin if we get pregnant and have a little one, I want our kids to wake up on Christmas morning at their own house.

Krystyn said...

We traveled for Christmas when Izzy was 14 months. Not fun. I've declared us as staying home for Christmas. Our home is open for visitors, but we stay here!

I hope you guys have a nice and relaxing new year!

RoozGal said...

Next Christmas will be such a fun one!! Kenny is gonna have a blast! LOL