Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Tuesday

My baby is 6 months old!!! Holy smokes how did that happen! We had some professional pictures taken last week and here they are:

Ahhhh I'm so bad not posting for SO long! Back to work after vacation was rough and it still is, so I guess that's my excuse:)
Here are his stats for his check up last week:
Height: 27 inches (I think!!!)
Weight: 18 lbs (he gained 2 lbs since his 4 month checkup)
Percentiles: height & weight 75%, head 90%
He's all brains, just like momma!!!
Carson is doing awesome. He is completely sitting up on his own now and even though he won't crawl yet, he has the strength. I just think he likes it better when we move him. I give him tons of time on his stomach and he'll play and play and move on his tummy in different directions, he'll kick his legs and then when he gets tired of being on his tummy he starts to complain. One of these days he'll just crawl I hope!!! He is eating stage 1 foods and many different kinds of cereal, still drinking bottles also. I started giving him food when he reached for Kenny's burito about a month ago....I figured he was ready!!!
I'm also learning that so many people give me advice on what to feed him, how to feed him, how MUCH to feed him, and so on. We've learned to do what we think is best, which is how I decided to give him food in the first place. Our pediatrician told us at 4 months to give him food, but I just didn't feel like he was ready, so we waited. And then all of a sudden (the burrito incident!!!) I knew he was ready. That was a good lesson for us in doing what we think is best!!
I could yack all day long about how wonderful he is. He's truly a great baby. Carson will play and play for long periods of time with and without interaction from us. Of course I end up playing with him most of the time because he's so much fun!! It's such a joy to see him with Kenny and the two of them laughing and loving on each other. That's what it's all about!
Work is work. I am busy as always there but since conferences are over, I am NOT bringing anything home with me. I refuse!!! In fact, the only time this year I have brought things home to work on is for conferences or occasionally the ridiculus un-usable lesson plans I'm required to turn in. That's it!!! And even with that it's hard to bring things home to do. Kenny is super busy with work which is a blessing. His business is thriving right now, it has been for a few years so we are so grateful for that. He renewed his lease with new truck in December and we thought about getting a bigger car for me at the same time, however, I'm enjoying NO CAR PAYMENTS right now so why rock the boat and get greedy?? I love not writing a check every month for a car! My vehicle has been paid off for 5 months and we are lovin it. Plenty of other things to pay on!
I know one of my resolutions was to post more (3 times a week I think) and I've already failed that, but I'm still going to try. I love blogging, I just can't get to it as much as I want, but I'm making it a priority. Here's my 6 month pic of my little man. He's hilarious! Happy Tuesday!


Tasha said...

Mommy and daddy always know best, so just stick with that. There is SO much advice out there so be warned not all of it is good...LOL thats my advice :)

Having no car payment is awesome..I feel so free.

AWESOME pics of you guys. Carson is HUGE I can't believe its been 6 months since we have seen each other..What is wrong with us????

Have you thought anymore about this JUne? We really need to catch up!

Lori said...

Those pics are too cute...love the family one and the cowboy hats are precious!

I only allow myself to bring home work one day a week. So, I get what you are saying. In our jobs, you are never caught up. we gotta have family time.

Krystyn said...

What a cute little cowboy you've got there!

And, you are so right..it's all about instincts and doing what you think is best!