Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Off

I declared today a day of relaxation around here. The first day of my vacation that I get to do house stuff!!! Kenny is away and working, and Carson and I were slated to be out and about with some friends but that got canceled so we are STAYING HOME!! Woo-hoo!!! When he gets up from his nap we MIGHT go to Michaels, you know I just can't stay away from those craft stores too long. Other than that, we are homebound. I have been looking forward to a day like this for along time!

I booked tickets to visit my bf in Atlanta today. Yay!!!! That's not until spring break, but I'm already excited about it! Carson will be flying for the first time, oh what a little travelor he will be!!

Here's our morning:


Linzi said...

My baby girl, Juniper, LOVED watching your little man! He turned a fussy, teething, 4.5 month old into a squealing, giggling, happy baby - at least for the duration of the video. Thank you!

Lori said...

Oh I love the rolly polly skin!!! CUTE!!!