Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tonight is going to be one of those busy gotta-get-diapers-wipes-formula-pick-up-taxes-and-sign-on-the-dotted-lines-finish-laundry-where-are-my-shoes kind of nights. I can already feel it. And it's going to start the second I walk in the door. I plan on making dinner, packing up the baby and getting the errands done. He doesn't mind, he just cooes in his carseat and smiles and laughs anywhere we go. I think he likes running errands with momma!

I am so proud of Kenny and all his hard work he has done lately. He is a normally VERY hard working business owner, however, lately, the phone has been ringing NON STOP (that means lots of $$$$) and he has been going nonstop. I don't normally talk about his work or his level of business on here, but I just have to throw out there how stinkin' proud I am of him. He started this business over 10 years ago from nothing, and has built it up to what it is today, and even though most days I don't think he sees the how far he has come, I do, and I just never get enough opportunities to tell him how proud I am of all that he does, for the business and for us. Love you K!

Off to finish up the last hour of the day and then I'm outta here!!!!!! Home to my boys!

One more thing....I will try to take pics of how much snow we have in our yard, it's so deep! I love it! I know you all think I'm crazy for loving it, but I do!!!

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Lori said...

A wife can never "lift up" her husband too much! :)