Sunday, March 21, 2010

8 months (and a few days)

Here's Carson's 8 month picture...not the most creative, I admit, but lately it's so hard to get him still for any posed pictures. This one sums up his 8th month: remote controls in his chubby little hands, handing things to mama, and no socks because he takes them off and eats them. Love this stage! He weighs 22 pounds, is wearing 6-12 month clothes, does the army crawl like a pro, scoots on his booty and rolls around to get places on the floor. He also got his first tooth last week and had his first cold!! Carson laughs at smiling faces, rarely is shy, and loves his dog. He still sleeps through the night without fail, from 8pm-8am, sometimes later. I know we are lucky for that, everyone has told us that is so great, so I am very blessed to get a good night sleep when I don't have to get up for work on the weekends.
Today was an awesome family day. We started out with church, the baby's first trip there. He clapped when the choir was through singing and it was dead silent....hilarious! Then we went to lunch with friends and their kiddos, followed by shopping and ice cream. Yum. I'm skipping the grocery shopping and saving it for tomorrow. It's one thing that can wait!!

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Bethany said...

Linds~ Carson totally has your smile :) He is getting so big! I can't wait to see you both in a week and a half!