Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Quiet Saturday

Lots to catch up on here! There is no word that describes how busy life is now. I'm sure all you mommas (not new ones) are shaking your head and laughing at me now. OF COURSE life is busier now with a kid, right? And I'm sure it's even crazier the more kids you add to the mix!
My Grandma's 90th birthday party was a couple weekends ago and we had two parties for her. One was just family and the other one was an open house for any family, friends, neighbors and church family members to visit her in her assisted living home. The place she lives in is really awesome about helping out with parties and providing beverages and food and extra help. Both parties were where my Grandma lives and both were really fun. Here are some pictures:

(top picture: my Grandma and cousin, bottom picture: Carson with his Grandpa and his Great-Grandma)

Work has been the same...draining. Still love teaching, just want to be home more than I want to teach. I'll leave that topic right there:(
I'm counting the days until spring break. Not too much longer!! I have 4 teaching days this week and then a PD day on Friday. And the following week there is 4 teaching days, and that's it! I have Good Friday off and then the week after Easter. Woot!! I'm flying to Atlanta the day after Easter to visit my BFF Bethy for 2 days. Can't wait!! And yes, the baby is coming with me. Just me and him. Kenny will probably be extatic to have the house to himself. He didn't put up much fuss about us leaving when I booked the flight. Knowing him, he'll wait till the night before we leave to whine about how much he's going to miss us. I'm already prepared.
If there's one thing I'm looking forward to this spring, it's yard work. It's time consuming, never ending, and expensive, but I was pretty much deprived of it last year because I was pregnant so I'm really looking forward to getting back into it this year. No promises on how great it will look, it's the thought that counts, right??? It may be too challenging with a baby!
The baby and I went shopping today and I got his baptism gear. It's so precious, I just can't wait. How awesome is it that Carson will be baptized on my very first Mother's Day? Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
I'm off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday with the baby before he goes to sleep. It was the first Saturday we've been able to be home in a month. Whew!

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