Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cleaning Rampage

It started yesterday when I got home from work. The refridgerator was on the fritz when I walked in the door. It's happened before because the door seals are very sensitive and we have to always make sure it's closed properly. So I thought the doors just weren't closed right. WRONG! I called a repairman to come out today. In the meantime, I cleaned out everything and put it in the freezer in the garage. It was cold enough to put the stuff that didn't need to be frozen on shelves in the garage, so nothing was wasted. I clean off the top of the fridge (nasty) and that was that. I called my house after the repairman left to find out the damage....it was minimal and was already fixed...wow! Kenny told me how he was cleaning out the fridge, as in washing the walls, taking out drawers and shelves and bleaching everything. I was in shock, in fact, I wasn't sure whether to believe him or not. He's not a "cleaner" like I am. When I got home, not only was it all clean, it was SPOTLESS and the food was all put back. Did you read that? I didn't have to do a thing. It was amazing. THAT never happens, not ever ever ever ever are things just done for me. What a difference in my mood!! So that's when our cleaning frenzy took a crazy spin. In one evening, I cleaned almost the entire house (again) along with a little laundry. Kenny cleaned out the box truck and his truck and we even weeded through some of that pesky paperwork that just piles up too. And it's not even the weekend. I'm still in shock from how much we accomplished today. Crazy! Next up tomorrow, de-hairing the dog. It's shedding season and is she ever! Two more days till spring break and 6 days till I fly to visit Bethany in ATL!!!!

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Lori said...

I am impressed. If Kevin EVER cleaned and I didn't have to go behind him and clean, I would probably pass out! ha!