Friday, April 02, 2010

First Day of Vacation

Ahhhh vacation at last. I kicked off my spring break by napping on the couch to get rid of a nasty headache. Then Kenny and I indulged in date night, thanks to my BFF Nik who watched the baby. Our date was going to the Maundy service at church and then Barnes & Noble for coffee and reading and relaxing. The church service was the first Maundy service I can even remember going to, and it was amazing. And then leaving the church in complete silence, even in the parkinglot too, made the mourning all that more powerful. I can't wait for Sunday's service. We chased each other around the bookstore and Kenny ate cheesecake while I had a coffee. I was good, didn't even take the one bite he offered!

Sleeping in this morning felt so good. Even when the baby woke up at 8 and wanted to get out of the crib to play, even when Kenny whined that I was leaving him "alone" in the bed, even when the dog begged to be let out, I still got about 4 more hours of sleep than normal. I think if I had to have gotten up for work today I would have cried. Mental and physical exhaustion has seemed to be the norm lately and I'm so thankful for this break.

We finally lowered Carson's crib from the highest setting to the lowest. Once we figured out how to do that, we had been in his room for about an hour (it's always the blind leading the blind with us) and the baby was tired of being in the laundry basket (he's all over the place now, can't leave him unattended!!) there was no chance of putting the crib on the middle setting and having to risk doing that all over again. No way!! So even though he doesn't need to be all the way down there at the bottom of the crib, he is, and we're all happy about it. Getting him out of the crib is harder now, but it'll do!

I also managed to clean out the spare bedroom today. Kenny & I have been talking about making it a play room, and when I got it all cleaned out and staghtened up, it dawned on us that Carson doesn't need a play room. He already has HIS OWN room plus the livingroom. What more does the kid need??? So it's going to stay just the way it is. Whew. Big project taken off the to-do list!

Tomorrow Kenny is going to hang out with buddies and do his fantasy baseball draft and I'm going to my parents' houses to hang out for a while. Carson will be spoiled rotten by the end of the day.

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Lori said...

We love going to Barnes and Noble and drinking some Starbucks and hanging out and reading. Perfect date!!
Enjoy your goes too fast!!