Thursday, January 04, 2007

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Thirteen Things Discussed At Dinner
With The Girls.......
1. Purses
2. Work
3. Significant others
4. Houses
5. Sex (how dare I day it)
6. High school memories
7. Camping trips
8. Drinking (a long time ago)
9. Drinking (on New Years)
10. Drinking (lack of recently)
11. Co-workers
12. Their myspace blogs (ugh) and my REAL blog (sorry ladies!)
13. Babies
There were PLENTY of other topics discussed, but I'm only allowed 13 to report on.
So there you have it. Happy Almost Friday!
Oh yeah, here's a picture of us tonight....
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B, N, D & Me
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Lindsay said...

your blue eyes are beautiful inthe last picture!!!!!
I wanna girls dinner!

Anonymous said...

I want a girls dinner too! Sounds like you all had tons to talk about!

Tee-T said...

No fair!!
I was going to comment that I needed a girls night out too, but TASHA beat me to it!


I was going to remark on your eyes but LINDSAY beat me to it!

What's a girl gotta do to be the first to comment around here? Huh? haha

(Oh, but you're eyes really are gorgeous!!! -- Some girls have ALL the luck!)

The other me said...

I join the ranks of needing a girls night out, we were going to the movies on weds but maybe we should go and eat so we can talk too! Wonder what topics we would discuss, pretty much the same as yours I bet!