Saturday, January 13, 2007

Week wrap-up

Haven't posted in a few days after being so good at posting daily since January 1st. Oh well, I already got over it. This week has been a monster. Here's the short of it:

  • Still battling allergies because it's not cold enough to freeze the nasty allergins away
  • Nose has been "blown" raw since Wednesday, hence the travel size vaseline jar in my purse
  • Involved in WAY TOO MANY projects/committee/responsibilities at work and paying dearly for it now
  • 40-60 page paper deadline slowly creeping closer
  • Still no packing even started (we're moving in Feb)
  • LOADS of papers to grade
  • LOADS of laundry to do
  • Got a massage Friday after work and promptly fell asleep (ahhhhh...)
  • Quilt for charity auction to START
  • Charity auction planning (for my own school)
  • Cleaning to be done (how much do I really have to do when we're moving so soon?)
  • Grocery shopping needs to be done
  • I dragged myself to work every day while in an allergy daze
  • Sat through 7 hours of professional development only because I had a crossword puzzle hidden in my notebook (sneaky, I know)
  • Attempted to do the Saturday Scavenger Hunt this morning, couldn't find pictures to match the theme, and didn't have energy to take one

So how sad am I? I swear I'm not looking for sympathy, but I feel like I'm drowning and I have so much to do. I decided to make my list of things to do based on priorities. So today, I'm working out first, cleaning up second, and then starting some laundry while I work on this awful paper that's due soon. I feel like when that paper is done, I can enjoy the rest of the things I need to do. And the paper won't be done today, but maybe the guilt of it NOT being done will subside, just a little. The next post I PROMISE won't be so sad and dramatic. I promise. Happy Saturday to all. Now pass the vaseline.

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Tee-T said...

Oh wow, you are one busy woman. Hopefully you can knock off your to-do list soon and maybe do some blogging in between sneezes. I've missed you! Oh, and good for you making working out your priority!

Lori said...

Ok - I am SO stealing that idea of sneaking in a puzzle! I have the hardest time with staff development meetings! Now I know to just take a soduko puzzle or something!! Why hadn't I thought of that? HA!

Anonymous said...

busy busy, you sound like me now