Monday, January 08, 2007

The worst.......

It happened this morning. There's been many MANY close calls, so close in fact that I swore I would never let it go that far again and plan WAY ahead. And I knew on Saturday that I needed to take action before Monday morning, but with all the Build-A-Bear hype, I lost track of time, and forgot to get to the store. And then, I woke up, got in the shower, got dressed and dryed my hair and then....
I ran out of the magic potion I put in my hair after I dry it so it doesn't frizz!!!!
What could I do? It was too late to straighten my hair, it was already dry. I didn't have time to start over, and a ponytail was out of the question with my outfit.
I did the only thing I could.....I called N, who was on her way out the door to my place because we carpool to work. I asked her (pleaded) to stop at the 24 hour Rite-Aid and pick up the anti-frizz juice so I could go to work, cause at this point, I wasn't going ANYWHERE WITH FRIZZ HEAD!
So, being the awesome friend that N is, she stopped and picked up the magic potion (Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum) at Rite-Aid before getting to my place!
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I was happy. No frizzy hair:)


Lindsay said...

thats greatness
I tagged you!

Pugsley Toes said...

Anything for you. Though I must add to the story that I "had" to get in line at Rite Aid behind Grandma Gerty and her sale items!!!! Good times!

The other me said...

I can't live without anti frizz, we have this competition and I am the only competitor, how fluffy and poodle like can my hair be in the morning. Today I got the star prize! I am a big fluffy mop like thing that will have to sit for a very long time to anti fluff before I go out the door.What a great friend to get your hair fix for you.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! hahaha