Sunday, February 04, 2007


I can't believe how cold it is! Wait a minute, yes, I can believe it. It's Michigan, the state of everchanging weather, day to day, minute to minute. A few weeks ago, jackets were hardly required. And now? They are telling us to stay inside if we can. I do love cold weather, the snow, skiing, building snowmen, the crisp, pretty look of new snow....but come on! We don't need these frigid temps! I guess it's paybacks from such a mild winter thus far.

Since we are getting ready to move, I find myself stepping over boxes, falling on piles of clothes and shoes, losing everything, finding it, and then re-losing it. Basically, our life is everywhere it can fit inside these small four walls (and a storage unit). I usually clean once a week, but I haven't in about 3 weeks because I kept thinking, what's the point? We're moving! No need to clean! Mind you I have kept the kitchen and bathroom tidied cause that's just gross, but for the most part, there is shit everywhere. And when I look around at all the messes, I am even LESS motivated to do anything about it. So, I guess, for now, it's okay to live like slobs, cause there is an end in sight. And when we move there will be more room to spread things out (like the basement). I remember Tasha talking about how everything was so chaotic last summer when she moved, and I feel her pain now!

I guess when I think about all the things that I could complain about, this is nothing. There are many health related issues going on with my family and loved ones right now, so when I complain about trivial stuff like moving, the snow, a bill, whatever it may be, I instantly feel guilty. What am I really complaining about? I have a WONDERFUL life, and I'm privilaged to be happy, healthy, and ABLE to move.

I look at my grandparents.....married 60 years last summer. My grandma took a nasty fall about 2 weeks ago and is in a short term nursing home facility to recoop. My grandpa doesn't get to see her every day. Did I mention they have been married 60 years? That's 21,900 days of getting to see each other almost every day. And now they can't. My grandparents are 88 and 91, so it's hard for them to recover from things that I would bounce back from quickly, but I can only imagine how sad they are not to be together. They still hold hands, and listen to each others' stories as if it were the first time they were hearing it. That's real, true love, and it just saddens me that they can't see each other every day. Hopefully my grandma will be home soon.

And then there's a family friend who is not doing so well with her cancer. There's little hope. And little time. And then I immediatly think of the aunt we lost last year to cancer, and I can't help but think, who's next? I know it's awful to say it, but that's exactly what my mind does. It shouldn't take all these sadnesses around me to appreciate my life and all the privilages that I have. I should be doing that anyway. But I do take things for granted, and it's these times that make me stop and think about what really matters. I think we are all probably guilty of doing this from time to time.

So, whoever reads this post today, do me a favor--take the time to stop and think about the things you have (non-materialistic) and the people you love (past and present) and just really BE THANKFUL. Be thankful that you can be thankful for these things, and that you are not praying for heat, a car to get to work, a job, a cure for cancer. And if you are praying for those things, know that I'm praying for you too.


Tee-T said...

Oh Lindsey, sometimes I think our lives parallel each other. I almost could have written this very post myself. I've been feeling a little down lately with everything that needs to be done and I've been worried about sick loved ones and even attended a funeral this past week. It's really made me appreciate all that I have, but has also got me down wondering what's next. Life is just too short and sometimes it's really unfair (like with your grandparents being apart)......Good luck with the move. Are you buying or renting? If you are stepping over boxes you've done more than I have toward moving. Hopefully this summer sometime it will be my turn. Take care.

Lori said...

I really needed to read that today! I was just sitting here having a pity party for no good reason! Thanks!

Tasha said...

So sorry to hear everyone is sick or hurt..I know we talked about this earlier, but I just wanted to say it again! Prayes and hugs for everyone!