Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yay spring!

Spring means one thing......BASEBALL!
Yesterday was Opening Day at Comerica Park. I was green with envy when a couple of my coworkers left in the morning because they had tickets to the first game of the season. I turned on the TV in my classroom long enough to see the first inning, and I can't even tell you how happy it made me! I have missed watching baseball so much! The kids sat very patiently watching the game too and asking me a million and one questions....
Why don't we have any numbers yet?
They have numbers (runs) so why don't we?
Why are you cheering? (then they cheer too)
What is strike?
When can our guys bat?
It was cute. I could only take about an inning of the questions though. Then I got them working but kept the TV on, although I hardly could pay attention to it. There were so many distractions yesterday...the phone in the room rang constantly, someone was ALWAYS at the door, it was just nonstop and very frustrating. I'm teaching my favorite science unit (animals-it's the only one I can do without using the teacher's edition because I STINK AT TEACHING SCIENCE) and I have the kids actually make an art project for each part of the unit. They get to make an amphibian, reptile, bird, fish, and of course, a mammal. So that's why I almost went crazy with all the interruptions. Sometimes it's impossible to teach. You'd think that I get lots done every day, but seriously, on days like this, it's nearly impossibly. People just don't realize what they are doing when they call or come to the door. Ahhhhh! Enough bitchin....
We are getting closer and closer to being in the house! I can't wait. My dad brought the refridgerator yesterday, and it was a story getting it in the house. I'll save that for later.


Tasha said...

Kids are so cute with their questions....

Lori said...

I totally feel your pain with the interuptions - one of my biggest pet peeves!

I love baseball too, but I like going to the little league park and watching the young 'uns play. One year, I bought a wiffle (sp?) ball and bat for school and tried to teach the kids - NOW that was entertaining! ha!