Saturday, June 23, 2007


My hands hurt sooo bad!! Waaaahhh!!
I know, I know, quit bitching. But they really do hurt! Kenny and I worked ALL DAY outside on the landscaping. And you won't get to see the finished project until tomorrow because that's when the mulch gets here. We got up early, for him anyway, at 10am, and went to the landscaping place. We were directed to this particular place because a friend said if we mentioned his name we would get a discount. After walking around not knowing what in the world we were doing, one of the guys starting mapping things out for us. You have to remember we started from scratch. Actually, below scratch, because we had ripped out all the nasty shrubs and there were gaping holes to deal with. Anyway, 2 hours later, the truck was loaded up with plants, hence, the mulch having to wait until tomorrow! And we did get a deal, a 30% discount. Talk about awesome!! We stopped at home depot and rented a rototiller and got lunch too. Then it all began. Thank goodness it wasn't hot today....I want to say it was about 80 degrees and sunny, but not the typical hot & humid Michigan weather. Kenny rototilled while I cut out more sod and we both shaped the entire length of the front of the house. We sloped the dirt so the mulch will "sit pretty" as they instructed us to do. Then the digging started, and so did the blisters! Whew! What a ton of work that was. Kenny actually had to stop and a take a cat nap for 15 minutes and then he was right back in the game. I sat down numerous times and starting thinking that hiring a company to do this work might have been worth it. But then I thought about how much money we were saving by breaking our own backs, so that motivated me to get up off my ass and keep working! Four hours later we were done. And I promise to put the pictures up as soon as I can after the mulch is down. Now I have to rest my hands!!


Mary-LUE said...

Wow! I can't believe you guys have taken on all this work. Good for you!

Take good care of those blisters so they don't get infected and a little homeopathic Arnica Montana helps reduce soreness!

Lori said...

AWESOME!! Take any discounts you can on landscaping b/c that really adds up fast!

You will be so much prouder of the finished product b/c you've done it yourselves - can't wait to see the pics!!!