Sunday, June 24, 2007

We're Done!

I am thrilled....and tired! We are finally done with the front landscaping. Can I get a Hallelujah!?!?!?!
What do you think? Not bad for first-timers! And we really did start from scratch too! Ignore the ugly yellowish shudders....the new ones were ordered yesterday and take a VERY long time to get here, but it will be well worth the wait!

To celebrate our finished landscaping project, we went to the fireworks that our city had tonight. We drove to the area where we could park and find a place on the grass to sit and watch the show, and before we got out of the truck, it was hard to tell if we were in a good location to see or not, so we waited in the parked truck for a few minutes. It was a super pleasant evening, perfectly warm and so the windows in the truck are down. A guy comes walking by on Kenny's side of the truck, walking towards the back of the truck. He has no idea we are in the truck (it's dark) so he stops dead in his tracks just pass the back passenger door on Kenny's side, with his back towards us. He drops his pants (and I mean all the way to the ground!!) and starts peeing!!! Keep in mind, this isn't the country, we are smack dab in the suburbs! I can see his bare ass in the rearview (haha, REAR view, get it?) on Kenny's side and then Kenny says, "Hey man, you got a nice ass." I couldn't believe he said that!!!! Wait a minute, yes I can. He's so like that. Anyway, the guy is COMPLETELY startled and probably didn't even know what to say, so he says, "Well, thank you," and then bolts. His two friends were about 3 car-lengths in front of our truck and saw the whole thing and were cracking up. It was pretty funny!!


la bellina mammina said...

LOL! I would have said the same thing as Kenny!! The look on his face must be priceless!! ;-)

Tasha said...

OMG, I don't go online for 1 weekend and you have like 3 posts I need to catch up on.LOL...VERY AWESOME job on the bushes,I am so proud of you 2. You are working so hard I demand you take a vacation...Wait you are on one...nevermind...Talk to ya soon!
Love ya!

Tee said...

LOL -- Go Kenny! That's hilarious!!

Oh, and the landscaping is beautiful. In fact, I plan to show your slideshow to my hubby and tell him I've had a change of heart! I've always never cared about the landscaping. I figured if God wanted a bush or a tree or a flower there then he would have placed one there, but after seeing your pictures...OMG! They make the house look even more incredible! Thanks to you, I'm now a BELIEVER!! (You do know my hubby is gonna hate you for this, right?? More work, more work...)

Looks fantastic, Lindsey!! Really!!

Lori said...

LOVE IT!! You have to be so proud of yourselves ~ it looks so good!!!

And Mr. Kenny sounds alot like Kevin ~ he would've said something too!! LOL!

Steff said... funny. At least he wasn't peeing on the truck!

Hey hey your front yard looks great. I have a black thumb so I'm very impressed!!