Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Red Red Red

Thanks for the comments about the candles. It really does help to hear other people's opinions on things like this!! You ladies are the best!! I'll probably go with all red, something like this:

I love the romantic-ness of it. Now I just have to go buy it! I wish I could have had this picture up yesterday when I was trying to describe things, but I found it today, so now you can get a better idea. I'll probably add some white organza ribbon around the vases, and that'll be it!

I have been CONSTANTLY shopping wedding stuff online for that last couple of days when I have not been at work. I've been home now for about 2 hours and that's all I've done!! I have a list of things that we need, it's just trying to figure out where to get it for the best price, and there isn't ONE store with the best deals. The deals are scattered, but they're there!! I received the rest of my flowers today.....I love the doorbell ring and then a means more wedding stuff delivered!! My going to be BEAUTIFUL, but I'm not sure that I can make it. I'm talented, not tooting the old horn, but I do have some crafty skills. But making my own bouquet? When I hold the flowers together they are so pretty and then I think about moving this one a little, and that one a little, and before you know it I have no idea what looks good and OOOOHHHHH wedding overload. Maybe there are just some things that I wouldn't mind paying to have done. Such as my bouquet.

It finally hit me COMPLETELY this morning on the way to work that I'm getting married. I'm going to be Kenny's wife! Ahh!! I've been waiting forever it feels like. We met in July of 2000 and started dating in 2002. I know it really wasn't that long ago, but I knew I was going to marry him even then, so it feels like a long time! Anyway, I got all emotional in the carride to work this morning. It was the first time in a while when I drove solo to work, and I had a good CD playing and good coffee and had wedding on the brain and it just hit me!!! I'm so excited. I almost don't want the wedding to get here because I love this feeling, knowing that one of the happiest days ever is coming up.

I know I talk about wedding stuff EVERY DAY that I blog. I'm sorry. It's just all I think about these days! I get up and get in the shower and think about wedding stuff. When I'm getting dressed I think about wedding stuff. When I am at work and not being mauled by 3-4 feet monsters I think about wedding stuff, and of course when I'm home I am DOING wedding stuff. On the treadmill I also think about it, more so my flabby arms and poofy stomach and how I wish they would disappear, but WEDDING is always on the brain. It's normal to think like this when you are engaged, right??

Maybe tomorrow I'll post about something other than nuptials. Maybe:)


Vader's Mom said...

Well, if wedding is on the brain share! :) I enjoy hearing and seeing how other people celebrate.

Tasha said...

Honey, you are so funny...remember when I would apologize for only talking about the wedding and now when I only talk about being prego and SICK...Its okay...we like to hear about whats going on...And really I don't think its all about the wedding..We are all so happy for you exspecially me!! keep the wedding talk coming..Have you made it down to craft 2000 yet? I have a dr appt Saturday morning but anytime you want to come down, let me know and you can meet at my house and we can go together....Its HUGE and they have some great things. My mom made my bouquet for me..I loved it, They also have people at craft 2000 that makes the arrangements too, something else to think about. let get together, I have so much to say and not ebough room to type, LOL. How about next weekend? I'm having a lia sophia party....wanna come, and then afterwards it can turn into I'm pregnant and your getting married party, LOLOLOLOL

love ya

Lori said...

You talk wedding ALL you want...I can listen to you, live through you and then ELOPE! ha!

RJTrue said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sure there'll be more interesting happenings to come.
And congrats on the engagement! How exciting for you. I'm single myself but have lived through tons of engagement periods with friends. Talk about it all you want, girl! I think it's GREAT. You (hopefully) only get to do it up big once or twice so blog away about it!

Tee said...

Girl, you talk about wedding stuff as often as you want! It is YOUR blog, after all. Besides, I don't really see that over-talk it at all. The wedding may be over in just a couple months, but you will have a lifetime of togetherness. The excitement doesn't have to die. Keep that excitement alive by making every day of married life an adventure. Start thinking traditions. It's the perfect time to start some new traditions!

Steff said...

Hey, don't totally stop blogging about the wedding! I'm getting all sorts of ideas for when my time comes (oh I hope it comes!). I love it...this is cheaper than bying a Brides magazine. :)

So happy for you, friend!