Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Raining It's Snowing

No wonder people are sick all the time around here!! The weather changes so fast! I got up this morning and the backyard was flooded. No snow left, just complete wetness. And it was raining. Now look at it!!

These pics aren't great, I took them from the comfort of being INSIDE the house, not out in the madness. Gotta love this wacky weather. That's Michigan for ya.

Kenny captured me lovin' on the puppy the other day. Again, not great shots, not really flattering to me, but you can see the puppy in all her glory. She is the cutest lab baby ever! And she's not really a baby anymore, she's OVER 50 whopping pounds now. Can you handle the pink pants and blue socks? Can you tell it was Sunday?? Check out flickr for more of these lovely pictures:) Excuse the messy hair. That's what it looks like on Sundays. After church, of course.

I wasn't so stressed out at work today. I had the "who cares" attitude. I still got interrupted a million times, but I let it slide all day long. I came home and STAYED home. Those of you who know my habits know that I am anything but still when I come home from work. I usually don't come home, I'm busy running errands or finding Kenny or something. Not today. I think it was the weather. I just wanted to be warm and inside. So I watched what was on the DVR (Kate & Allie, Nip Tuck, Wedding Stories) and messed around on the computer. What a nice way to end the day!!


LaskiGal said...

I hope you don't mind me posting. I guess I just miss home sometimes. My mom called to tell me the same thing--rain, snow. People never believe me when I would tell them we could easily have four or five weather events in a day (rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind . . . ).

Adorable puppy! OK, now I miss my dog, too. He's in MI as well. *sniff*

And you watch Wedding Story--I watched Baby Story when I was pregnant.

Tee said...

We all need those couch potato days, even if yours was just the evening. I'm jealous of your snow!

Tasha said...

WOW, look at the baby puppy...Not so baby anymore...

I HATE Michigan took me an hour and a half to get home last night...Everyone on the road was being STUPID...Going way to slow or way to fast and sliding..UGH..

Love the blue socks with the pink should try the socks with your wedding dress, something blue maybe???

Vader's Mom said...

Not that I agree with you on that being a bad picture of you, but...why are the cutest photos of our dogs the worst pictures of us? I hate that!!

Lori said...

ok - you got snow AGAIN? I am starting to really get irritated! We got tornado's instead! urgh! I NEED a snow day! Could you try to send one my way? ha!