Friday, February 08, 2008


Today I finished up a science unit about solids, liquids, and gases. Lori gave me an awesome idea to use rootbeer floats to end the unit with. Ice cream as the solid, rootbeer as the liquid, and the fizz and reaction as the gases. The kids LOVED it!!

They didn't do so well answering their questions about the little experiment, but it was the last thing we did on a Friday, so I'll have to go over it with them on Monday. But they had so much fun:)

It snowed again the other day and we played outside with the puppy...she's so entertaining! I know I yak a lot about her, but she's our "baby" so she gets lots of attention from us. Taking out the garbage (and getting rid of the old dishwasher-yay!!) turned into playtime in the snow for the dog, so it was for us too. Here she is intently watching her "father" ball up some snow to throw at her. Don't feel bad for her at getting snow thrown...she's no angel!! She is in that play-biting stage, where she latched onto shirt sleeves and sometimes gets the skin....OUCH! She's not being mean, just a pain in the butt. But we still love her:)

I love the way the trees look in the winter when there's snow and ice in them. Kind of a crazy-scary picture I took here. It was completely dark outside, as dark as it can be with snow which seems to light everything up. And I didn't have the flash on, but it still came out somwhat light. I heart winter!!


Lindsay said...

I would like a root beer float!
What a cool idea too!

Vader's Mom said...

What a beautiful baby you have there!!

Lori said...

Oh yay ~ you did the experiment! Glad the kids liked it. I noticed a cool looking recording sheet that you may need to send my way ~ LOL!

The pup/isn't a pup anymore/looks like he is waiting for trouble in the snow & that last picture is beautiful!

Tasha said...

What a cute and innocent face the baby has...How could anyone throw snow at that? LOl.