Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snow Day #3


Yes, it's true, we have another snow day today. I think this makes 3 this school year! No complaints here! I woke up at 330am on the couch with Kenny and he basically pushed me off, so I arranged the pillows on the floor next to the couch and fell back asleep. I wasn't even thinking about not having school, it never dawned on me that I might not be making the treck to work today. At 430 my alarm went off, and I accidentally turned it off. Oooops. So at 530 when one of my copilots called me to see if I had heard any news about school being canceled, I was shocked at the time and irritated with myself for turning my alarm off (it happens way too often). I hadn't heard any news yet, but every single district around us and all the way to the city was closed, EXCEPT ours. Ugh. So I hung up with her and made a couple calls and within 20 minutes we figured out we didn't have school. I was relieved both because who doesn't like a day off and I would have been very late to work. So that's my morning!

The puppy is playing in the new snow. She LOVES it. She sticks her nose down in it and then brings something up.....sticks, a wrapper, whatever. She's so cute! And of course there's already a million new paw prints in our backyard from her and the squirrels. Once again I'm taking this opportunity of no work today to do wedding stuff. Believe it or not, there's not that much to do now. I'm still waiting on another small order of roses to make my own bouquet, but just about everything else is made and done! I know I'll have last minute things, and the favors are not done yet, but it's close.

I told my students yesterday that if they wear their pajamas backwards, we won't have school. I wasn't even thinking about a snow day for today, we were just talking about silly stuff. But it worked!!

Here are a couple funny things some of my kiddos said yesterday:

"The pigs at the zoo stink. They smell like a whole bunch of people farted in one room at the same time."

(I taught my students the saying "There are bigger fish to fry." I had to give them something to use/say/think during those situations that were not life and death important.)
"I'm going to fry another fish."
"I'm eatin' fried fish..." as she quickly walked away from the student who was irritating her.

You can see that they LOVE using the lines I give them to use, but they aren't quite sure how to use it!! Cute!


Lori said...

ha! That's cute! Now we have an 80% chance of snow on Friday - will you send us some of your luck? Everytime it goes all around us!!! Oh, and we have letters to send back your way. The kids were SO excited when they got them! I'll put them in the mail sometime this week!

Tan said...

Girl, you are getting some seriously lucky breaks with those snow days! They seem to come just when you need them most! I wonder how many parents were frustrated that their child insisted on putting their PJ's on backwards last night. You're so rotten! heehee

Tasha said...

YAY, a snow work NEVER closes, but I took it upon myself to declare a snow day for our house....
Did you hear about the 5-10 more inches friday night??? becareful going to Tennessee, I'm not sure what direction all the snow is coming from..

Leah said...

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