Sunday, April 20, 2008

6 days left!

Our Discussion This Morning....

GROOM: The money I make today will pay you know what it will buy Honey?

BRIDE: What?

GROOM: Your wedding present!! (said with lots of enthusiasm)

BRIDE: Don't buy me something crazy, this wedding has already cost way too much. DO NOT get me something crazy, got, it????

GROOM: Don't worry, everything I get you that costs lots of money has a double meaning.

BRIDE: What are you talking about?

GROOM: I mean I give it to you but it's really for me too.

BRIDE: If you don't get away from me right this second I am going to pinch the crap out of you.

So he took off. He's hungover and tired from his bachelor party last night. Serves him right. He tortured the crap out of me when I was hungover last weekend. Whatever he plans on buying me for our wedding is probably ONLY for him.....what a dork. But I love him. Holy crap, 6 days till Wedding Day!!


Vader's Mom said...

hehe... 6 DAYS!!! I'm so excited for you.

Lori said...

6 will be here before you know it! Your last week as a single girl!

What do you think it is? A flat screen tv??? :-)

Tan said...

Hey Lindsey, got any plans for this weekend????? LOL

Tasha said...

HA, Kenny is so funny! I got Chris a pocket watch with his initials engraved and he got me a jewerly box to fill with all the jewerly in the years to come.