Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Story of the Pearls (and rantings)

Today I got to sleep in. That was important. I was operating on 4 hours of sleep every night this past week because I was up so late working on wedding stuff. Man am I busy. My mom came out yesterday to get our last dress fittings and then to get a few last miunte things for both her and I. I think my last minute things will keep going until the big day. Isn't that the way it is?? Sure feels like it will be that way. Kenny's bachelor party is all day today, so he's gone, and my mom just left. I have some just me, down time that I so badly need and crave. Niki will be here later on to help with some things and then shop for other items that are still needed, and just be here for me! I am so excited, so busy, so happy, so tired, and just plain OVERJOYED that I'm so sleepy!! The weather is beautiful today, and I'm just full of every emotion there is, except the bad ones.

Most of you already know this, but in October of 2005, my 42-year-old aunt passed away after battling cancer for 10 years. I was VERY affected by this because she was my youngest aunt and I was very close to her my whole life. She died peacefully at home with hospice over the course of six months, and when it was down to just days, she was in that state of hallucintating, but she still knew who everyone was. I would sit with her and she would talk about things that happened when I was a kid and then something that was happening right now...her mind was just racing, kind of like when they say before you die you life flashed before your was kind of like she was reliving moments of her life with me quickly. Anyway, I'm getting off track here, when she was in this state, she told me that she wanted me to have her pearl earrings. I didn't think anything of it, figuring my other aunts (her sisters) would have her jewelery and I never thought anything else of it until about a week after she died. My uncle (her husband) called me and said I needed to come over so he could give me something that she wanted me to have. It ended up being the pearl earrings, and he told me that she had specifically told him that after she was gone, to take her earrings out and give them to me (she died with them in her ears). Of course I was crying at this point. So he handed me the pearls in their beautiful box and told me the story of the pearls. When they got married (1990) she wanted to ear pearls but didn't have any. So she borrowed someone's pearl necklace and earrings, and then later after their wedding he decided to buy her a set because she liked them so much. The first thing he got her were the earrings for her birthday. Then for Christmas came the necklace, then their anniversary it was a bracelet, and I think that was the complete set. The earrings were the first gift he bought her after they were married, and it was important that I know that story. (tears are streaming as I write this) So I am wearing them when I get married next week. I made my necklace and bracelet with pearls (fake ones but they are still so pretty) so that they will match the earrings and I just really can't wait to include my aunt in my wedding day. Her husband (my uncle, not really even by marriage anymore, but he'll always be my uncle) has remarried since and so I will get to meet his new wife. My family is very happy for him because he married a lady that went through the same thing as my uncle did, caring for her dying husband. They have a lot of life to live still and I'm so happy that they can do that together. Anyway, that's the story of my pearl earrings. I opened the case they were in the other day just to peak at them and it brought the tears again, but they are good tears.

Okay, enough sap for Saturday. On with wedding stuff. At this time next week I'll be walking down the isle!!! Holy #&#^!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tasha said...

What a beautiful story. Thats something special that you can hopefully pass to your daughter when the time comes. I am so happy, excited and over joyed for you right now. You are beautiful and I can;t wait to see you in your dress. Now I have tears...
I know we haven't known each other very long, but I know you so well inside and out that I can truely say you are a great friend and I love you! Can't wait until next Saturday!!!!!!

Lori said...

What a great story (and tear jerking too!). At one point though, I remembered the missing camera story and thought, Oh no - is she gonna say she's lost them? LOL! I think it's awesome that you get to include your aunt, and it's obvious how special you were to her.
I can't believe the actual wedding day is sooo close! yikes! I just gave my kids their pen pal letters from your class & several of your kids wrote about it, so all of my kids were going "did you know their teacher is getting married?" It was the all the rave! ha!

Vader's Mom said...

Such a sweet and beautiful story. So much love!!

Happy "last week" to the wedding. It's been following along with your preparations. Can't wait to see those final pictures!!

Tan said...

That is so beautiful. I'm sure your aunt is watching over you, happy to share in your special day and happy to know you are wearing her earrings. I know you are going to be a beautiful bride.