Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Bra Story (not that funny but entertaining)

The Bra Story

The day my mom bought me my wedding dress, I didn't really think about the bra contraption thing that goes underneath it. Then later on I got one, no biggie. When I took my dress in for the first fitting, I decided I didn't like the one I had, so my mom bought me one from the bridal store. I didn't really like it at all, but it was a corsette with those bone things that give me shape and slim down the torso, so I was okay with it. Plus, it fit and was comfortable. Then at the second fitting I didn't like it, so then I was on a mission to find one that I really did like. And it didn't go so well. I got my dress at David's Bridal and I went back there to try on bras but they are crazy there. It's one mass productionline of girls, no specializing in fitting or trying to please the ladies, nothing but "get them in, get them out" attitiude. Love their prices, hate their customer service. It stinks. Anyway, the bottom line is I'm going into the bridal shop tomorrow to pick up my dress, all fitted and pressed and ready to wear and I'm going to try on the corsette once and for all and make a decision. What a pain I am. What a pain. If only I was skinny it wouldn't be an issue!! Kidding!! I am not ripping on myself, but seriously, it would be easier. Oh well. That's the bra story. It's not that exciting, more like complaining.

Here's one more tidbit of dirt that happened tonight. I was assembling programs for the reception with Niki and my phone rings, it's a girl from work. I have known her for 6 years, but she is not invited to the wedding because I do not socialize with her outside of work. I did at one time, but that was about 4 years ago. She POINT BLANK asked me why I didn't invite her to the wedding. And then, as if in high school still, another teacher I work with (these two happen to be best friends) is trying to get our phone conversation on 3-way (again, high school) and I realized before I can even answer the question that this is ridiculus. And I SWEAR I didn't hang up on them, but my phone cut out. I SWEAR it wasn't me hanging up. My phone sometimes cuts out when I'm at the computer and I must say it was good timing. But I didn't want these two to think I was hanging up on them and I was ready to explain the situation (like an adult) even though they didn't deserve one, but my phone was no cooperating. So I went outside and called her back, and then it just kept cutting out. I think it was a sign. I took that sign and ignored her as she called back THREE MORE TIMES. Can you believe it???? THREE MORE TIMES. And the last time it came up on the caller ID as PRIVATE. The nerve. The wedding is in four days, as if I have time or patience to deal with that. The very reason that she has to ask about why they aren't invited is explanation enough as to why they are not. So I was mad for about 30 minutes and I'm just about over it now. The nerve. Ugh. And to take it even farther, one of them has been married two times...she should know what it's like to have to stick to a guest list, let alone only invite people you enjoy being around. I'm proud of myself for sluffing it off so quickly. Normally, I let things like this really bother me. But not right now, not today, not tomorrow! By the time I go back to work on May 1st, I'm not even going to care!!!


Tasha said...

What nerve to call and ask why..I'm happy your phone cut out on her,,Your right it was a sign..Can't wait to talk more 2nite!!!!

LaskiGal said...

So glad you don't let that stuff bother you . . . too many awesome things to think about.

FOUR days! WOW!!!

Lori said...

some people only think about themselves - you gotta let that roll. I eloped when I got married and one of my "friends" stopped talking to me after b/c I didn't tell her!?!? What the??? You can't make everybody happy!