Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Halfway to the weekend!! Actually, it's more than that now. Tomorrow is the last day for kids this week. Friday we have a professional development day for staff, so we'll get to leave work at 3pm. No dismissal for 30 minutes, no anything, just getting to walk to my car and leave! That's the best kind of Fridays...except for payday Fridays of course.

I have finally figured out why things aren't running super smooth in classroom yet this year. I am embarrassed to admit that it's taken me this long in the school year to pinpoint the problem. Here's the situation: I have advanced kids, 8 first graders, 9 second graders, and I have the kids for both grades and then they move onto the 3rd, 4th, 5th grade advanced classroom next door. My second graders obviously know how things work in the room because they were with me as first graders. I never have to worry about them....they are my rocks. Usually the first graders are fidgety for a couple weeks, because even though they are advanced, they are still babies. All 8 of the first graders, as much as I love them, drive me crazy every day. They are STILL constantly out of their seats, running up to me to ask questions (they usually can figure stuff out on their own, they just like the attention), blurting out when I call on someone else, interrupting me ALL THE TIME. Can you see why I'm so irritated every day???? I mean this goes on ALL DAY LONG. They get the punishments I recess, phone calls home, no Fun Friday, no special activities....they don't care! I don't mean that they don't care about what I'm saying or teaching them, they just accept their punishment, do the time, and go on about their business of driving me up the wall. And again, they are GOOD kids, I mean loving, sweet, cute, smart, all the things that make it hard to get mad at them. But they are making me crazy. And here's the whole point of why I'm babbling...when they were in kindergarten, their teachers (and I probably would have done the same thing they did) overlooked their fidgety-ness and interrupting because these kids are mostly very well behaved and get exceptional grades, so if they were out of their seats or blurting out, it wasn't that big of a deal. And, if I had them in my kindergarten class, I would have probably done the same thing. But here I am dealing with it now, and it's not pretty. I should say I'M NOT PRETTY at the end of the day. Around 1pm I'm wanting to throw the towel in. Of all the things they do, it's the interrupting that gets me. I can't tell you how many times I have to stop talking/teaching because they are interrupting me. And then as I start talking again, so do they. AHHHHHH! I really love these kids, all of them, and they are probably the smarted bunch I've had yet, but OMG I'm going nutty! So with the help of my parapro I am cracking down. They are losing a lot of privilages, such as classroom jobs that THEY LOVE, and so on. I really hate to do that, because it teaches them responsibility, but I have to do something so that I make it to June!

Enough about 6 month wedding anniversary is Sunday. Yes, I'm one of those people who knows that, but there's a reason for it. Our dating anniversary is also Sunday, October 26th. When we picked our wedding date (we only had 3 weekends to choose from), we decided on April 26th, and a few days later I realized that it was exactly 6 months from our dating anniversary. How crazy is that? So we've been celebrating our dating anniversary for 6 years, hence the reason I am acknowledging that it's our 6 month wedding anniversary. Are you confused now? I hope I didn't lose you on that, but all I really meant to say was that it's good to be a newlywed and I love being married!! Living together first for a couple years helped us have a great beginning to our marriage. I am so glad things worked out the way they did. I always wanted to be married earlier than we were, but in all actuality, it was PERFECT timing. I wouldn't change a thing! Here's to the next 6 months....and MUCH longer!

And to all the Grey's Anatomy fans....what are your thoughts on the show this season? I'm still undecided. It's good, but it just isn't great. What are you all thinking?


Lori said...

Your post is like mine many topics! :-)
As for work, your kids sound A LOT like mine. I am literally exhausted by lunch!!
Happy 6 month Anniversary!! You two are adorable!
I think Grey's can be over the top and Meredith gets on my nerves, but I still love it!

" T " said... and Kenny are so sweet together. I'm so glad you're both so happy.

Kids who interrupt -- uhhh...I can't help you there. I often catch myself interrupting and have to remind myself it's not polite!

I also can't comment on Grey's. I'm probaby the only human on the planet that doesn't watch it. But then again, I don't watch much television at all. I'm a weirdo.