Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where do weekends go?

Where? One day here, and 4 hours later, GONE! You blink, it's over, and you are back to work! Friday was wonderful, it was a professional development day so there were no kids at school, and we actually had worthwhile meetings and learned things! It was very enjoyable. And they fed us breakfast and lunch too. That was an extra bonus. Friday evening I went with my inlaws to see our nephew's last football game. He's graduating in the spring so this was it for his regular season. He is AWESOME. I didn't know how good he was! Plus it was fun being at a high school football game again. I haven't done that....since high school! I loved going when I was in high school, and being there on Friday night brought back many fun memories. There's a certain smell of a high school football game....cold air, slightly rainy, popcorn, the crowd, the was just like I remember it. And yesterday I did a lot of computer work for Kenny and then I went to work with him. That's always a nice change of pace on the weekends. It is NOTHING like my work, and I don't have to dress up! Today I'm going to meet my mom at my brother's place and go out to dinner for his birthday. I haven't seen either of them in a couple weeks so I'm looking forward to that. I wish my laundry would magically do itself while I was gone...anybody have any advice for that? Heh. I'm really going to have to get geared up for NaBloPoMo that's starting on Saturday. I haven't been a very good blog poster lately....I'm going to have to step it up! Is anyone else participating?

I'll leave you with some animal humor. I wish I had pictures, but Kenny was too tired to get up and take them. I was sitting in "my" chair last night, a very comfy overstuffed leather recliner, and I had a blanket and a pillow, so chances are I was falling asleep there. The dog isn't allowed in the livingroom, and the chair is right where the carpet in the livingroom meets the hardwood floors. She was on the hardwood, puts her paws up on edge of the chair. Sometimes she will jump in the chair on my lap (she's no lap dog either) for a little while, but then get right back down. Not last night. She jumped into my lap, all 62 pounds of her lab self, nestled in on my legs, and fell asleep. A little while later she stretched her head out on my chest and that's how she stayed most of the sweet! Like a baby, she just wanted her mama!!


Vader's Mom said...

Oh your baby is so precious!!!

I hope you get to enjoy your afternoon. It's beautiful here (until the temp drops again..)

Lori said...

Awww...yes, she is saying I wish my Momma let me in the living room! ha! Tell Kenny we want pics next time!! :-)

You should get pen pal letters very soon!

Tasha said...

Puppy is so cute! Sorry about yesterday...Maybe in the next couple of weeks k.

" T " said...

I'm just wondering if you could come to my home and train my dogs. I started off with the "no living room" rule, and also "no upstairs" rule. That lasted for all of about two weeks.