Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Today was an interesting day. I have been working on poems at work with the kids. We've done the rhyming ones, roses are red, violets are blue and they end it on their own with some goofy rhyming words, we did haiku poems and even cinquains. Today they did acrostic poems. You know, the kind where you write your name down the side of the paper vertically and then come up with a word or phrase for each letter of your name. I did my name as an example on the board....and I let them come up with the words and phrases:
L is for looney
I is for intelligent (I fed them that one)
N is for neat nick
D is for dark (I have no idea where this came from because I'm SO NOT)
S is for silly sometimes
E is for energetic
and my favorite, Y is for yellow hair

They weren't too harsh. I was thankful we didn't use middle names, because that would have required an M and I'm quite sure they would have said mean. Because I have been now for about a week. As I've said before, this class is wonderfully brilliant, and oh-so-irritating at the same time. But I still do love them.

Tomorrow is the last day of sanity, maybe. Friday, quite obviously Halloween, will be filled with costumes, runny makeup, too much candy (not allowed to eat it at school mind you), cupcakes, punch, meltdowns, a spelling test at some point (I hope), an extended recess, the Charlie Brown Halloween movie (can't remember the name), probably some more meltdowns at some point over lost/stolen candy, and me running to my car at precisely 330 and driving home to either drink a beer or go to sleep, whichever happens first. I love holidays at school. Love 'em! So I will be getting as much work done at school tomorrow as I can with the kids. They will have zero down time and as much work time as I can get out of them, because they won't be doing much of any work on Friday. Whew.

What I am looking forward to is carving pumpkins with Kenny tomorrow night and passing out candy on Friday to the neighborhood kiddos. That is always fun! I might even try to sneak a costume on the dog!


Lori said...

Yes, Friday is going to be a bust! ha! We have to wear uniforms at our school, but sometimes they have casual for a cause days where you pay $1 to wear whatever you want and the money goes towards something for the school...and Friday - HALLOWEEN is a casual day that will add to the FUN of the day! LOL!

" T " said...

Happy Halloween, yellow-haired Lindsey! Hope you enjoyed your pumpkin carving. Can't wait to see pics!