Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Misc Post

Last day of 2008! No News Years Resolutions here.....I just want to keep what I have!

Last night, after our contractor (aka Kenny's high school buddy) buddy left, we snuck down to the basement to take a peek at the progress. In all seriousness, I'm down there constantly with the washer and dryer, so I walk past the construction all day, but I really don't pay attention to it. I'm waiting for the finished product, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Kenny got EXTREMELY happy when he saw that the lights and electrical were done and immediatly ran upstairs to get the 15 lightbulbs needed to turn on the lights. See for yourself....

Please excuse the butt-sniffing dog in that picture, apparently she can't help herself! So that's the progress is the basement. I'll explain it to you, but it really doesn't matter till it's all done. This is one half of our basement, and it will be one giant office space for Kenny with a wall dividing his half of the basement (the finished part) from the other half, which may be finished too, after we assess the financial part in a couple months. Anyway, of his half of the basement, it's literally one giant room for his work space, game space (cause every dude needs that Boston Bruins pinball game, right?), and TV space, of which I am allowed to be part of...but ONLY the TV area, everything else is totally off limits to me....I'm not complaining. LESS TO CLEAN!!! There is a closet on his side, which you can see in the pictures, a HUGE closet for all his crap. It's also another bathroom possibility if we need one later on down the road. We have two full bathrooms upstairs, and in our small ranch home, that's plenty, but our wise contractor told us that another bathroom (or the possibility of it) is always a good thing. So that closet was strategically placed near the bathroom/water pipes for future use. Good planning? Of course! And that's what's happening in the basement right now. I'll spare you the pics of the other half right now, which is jam packed ceiling to floor with all our worldly (crap, junk) possessions. Oh and my craft stuff, that is the only stuff worth keeping.

And this picture is for my mom. She gave BB that Christmas squeaky toy as her present last week, and BB has never destroyed a squeaky toy, but she did that to this one! I just had to show my mom what her grand-dog did!! Excuse the messy look I have going on...I'm still on vacation. And pregnant, the sick kind of pregnant, so cut me some slack:) One question about that....I'm almost 15 weeks prego...when will the puking end??????????

Happy New Year! Be safe!


Lori said...

Oh wow! This is a major project!! Can't wait to see the finished product...I sure wish I could throw Kevin's downstairs where I wouldn't have to see them!! ha!
And, the butt sniffing dog cracked me up!!!

Tasha said...

I sure hope you feel better soon...Happy New Year

" T " said...

You're still puking??? Feel better soon. The basement is gonna be great!