Sunday, January 04, 2009

First Post of '09

It's already Day 4 of 2009! Happy New Year!

We were VERY lame on New Years. Evening is when I am the sickest, so going to our friends' annual New Years party was out of the question. We stayed home. I made homemade nachos and drank sparkling juice. At 11:45pm we drove to Kenny's parents' house to watch the ball drop with them and then it was lights out for me. Nothing too spectacular! But if I had to redo the evening over, I would have done the same thing. It was comfortable and relaxing.

On New Years Day we had a dinner for Kenny's parents....their wedding anniversary is January 3rd, this being their 53rd year of marriage! So I made them dinner and got them a they happy and so cute together!


Today is my very last day of vacation. I have to say this has been the most relaxing, PJ-wearing, hair-in-ponytail, stay-at-home-and-hide vacation I have ever had. I loved EVERY minute of it. I'm sad to go back to work tomorrow, as in any other end of vacation. But I do like schedules and routines, so it will be nice to have that back. I'm not looking forward to dressing up every day, ironing, dress shoes, and all that, but at least we have casual days every Friday and I can wear my beloved jeans (now maternity style).


I visited my grandpa in the hospital a couple days ago. He and my grandma live in assisted living in a cute, teeny apartment and have been very happy there for about 5 years. My grandpa isn't seriously sick, but at 93 years of age, any sickness is an issue, and he was hospitalized just before Christmas. My grandma is able to visit him just about every day there too through the shuttle service or my aunts and uncles drive her. My grandpa was discharged yesterday, but not home, instead to a rehab place because he's so weak from being in bed for about 10 days. The problem is no one knows if he will be able to come home after that because he may need around the clock care. My grandma will not take that well, being without him, so when you say your daily prayers, say one for my grandparents. Thanks:)


Lori said...

I am NOT thrilled about going back to work tomorrow either! urgh! I want to be a stay at home dog mom! ha!
Love the baby in the sidebar - yay!!

" T " said...

You're lucky to have had a vacation over Christmas! I think I had Christmas Day and that was it. (Whine, whine, whine.)

Kenny's parents look so happy (and young!) FIFTY-THREE years!! That's something to be proud of!

Your New Years Eve sounds perfect. You should pamper yourself now more than ever! Take those lazy days, there will be none of those once the baby arrives. heehee

My prayers and love are with your grandparents - and you too!!