Saturday, January 10, 2009

I blinked and the week was over

Already the first week back to school is over with, wow, time does fly! It was actually a great week. My nausea has almost completely subsided and I haven't been sick in a while, things are looking good these days! I have spent most of today putzing around the house between cleaning, laundry, and the TV. I need to finish the cleaning and start working on masters stuff, since I re-enrolled for this one last semester and have to get my butt in gear and get things going with it. Ugh. Nice timing, eh? I enrolled BEFORE I knew I was pregnant. I suppose it's better to do it now because once the baby is here, I'm told I won't want to do it. I am done with this class in April, and I'll graduate with the masters degree in May, and I'll be one FAT graduate at 8 months pregnant!
Being back at work was actually nice, especially since I'm in a good mood because I feel great. Before Christmas, I was miserable there. I had zero tolerence for anything, and I felt bad but my students probably couldn't stand me then. They don't know I'm having a baby, I'll probably hold out as long as I can to tell them. They will go crazy when I do!
Things are really moving along in our basement....we have drywall! At least half of it's done, and Kenny went and picked out paint last week. I'll keep it a surprise until it's painted though, and I think this is one project I can safely say I will have nothing to do with the choosing of the paint AND the actual's all on Kenny! This is HIS thing, not mine! I'll just be glad when it's done.
My students begged me to let them make gingerbread houses this week. The week before Christmas they were all assigned a certain item to bring in and we were all going to make gingerbread houses...then we had that snowday on the last day before vacation, so we didn't get ot make them. So we did it on Tuesday. They turned out really messy but really cute. I have to thank Tasha for the idea. Her daughter's class did the same thing and she put the bug in my ear to do it. Here's how they turned out:


Lori said...

I was just saying today that the week FLEW by!! It was great!!!
Those are some interestng gingerbread houses! ha!
Glad you are feeling better and good luck with the masters class. You will be so glad to get it finished now!!

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Casey's trio said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello...nothing like talk of trashy t.v. to bring bloggers together:)

Krystyn said...

My "vacay" that was 12 weeks of maternity leave flew it's back to work! Ick!

Good luck with your classes.