Monday, June 15, 2009

Calm before the storm (the good storm)

Done. Officially. We had to report to work today for four hours and the school year is finally over. Thank goodness! I came home and Kenny and I went to my fetal maternal ultrasound appointment, the one I was talking about the other day. I know the u/s technicians can't tell you much, but she said he was for sure head down and even facing the correct way, which meant no cute pictures because he was facing away, but I'm cool with no pics if it means he is in position for labor. Anyway, more importantly, his weight is approximately 8 pounds, absolutely perfect, my amniotic fluid is fine, and all the measurements she took and announced to us were fine. So far so good. I have my regular weekly appointment Wednesday morning and if there's anything else they will tell me then. I'm hoping it all comes back normal, I think it will. Kenny is still convinced it was a money thing to send me for one last big ultrasound before I deliver, just to hit that insurance another time. Maybe he's right?
Here's the latest prego pic.....taken this morning.

38 weeks and 4 days. My symptoms at this point are VERY swollen feet and ankles, possibly swollen calves all the way up to my knees, swollen hands and the lower parts of my arms. Thankfully, nothing else is swollen except my belly. This "water weight" stuff ain't fun, but I know it will lead to good!! Add to the list severe heartburn, and yes I know that means lots of hair but I was bald until I was 1, so who knows? Kenny is sick of me talking about pregnancy and all the ooohhhs and ahhhs, but he is dealing with it. I have exactly one outfit that is still comfortable to wear and's the all black one in the outfit pictured above, so that's probably all I will wear outside of the house till this boy arrives!
Yesterday some of my family came to visit. They brought my Grandma and I made strawberry shortcake and suntea, my cousins played with the dog, the weather was beautiful and warm and it was a fun time. My grandma is excited about becoming a great-grandmother and my aunts and uncles are excited about being "great" aunts and uncles, although one particular uncle said that the baby doesn't have to call him "great uncle J." Just "Uncle J" will work, he says. Cute? Yes. Yesterday was an awesome day.

I'm looking forward to my last big cleanout obsession this week, including but not limited to closets, my area in the basement, and sorting through clothing. It's how I handle everything, it's my way of having control over something when I'm in a situation I have no control over (giving birth) and just makes me feel better, plus the added bonus is things get thrown out (YAY!!) and are generally cleaner for a while. Kenny can't stand these cleanouts, but I think he secretly gets motivated to do the same thing, but he would never admit to it. If you are looking for me tomorrow, I hope to be closet cleaning!!!!

My post title is how I really feel right now. I'm calm, the house is calm, Kenny is busy but calm, even the dog is calm, and I know REAL soon there will be this amazing new addition to our tiny family that will throw us all into a marvelous new chaotic loving craze. Bring it on! In the meantime, I'll enjoy the calm while I can.


Lori said...

Enjoy the calm while it lasts!!
Does anyone have your pw where they can update and let us know you had the little one????

Tasha said...

Girl you better sit your butt down and put your feet up...Feet must be elevated above your heart and you better relax.

PS, I told you everything would be okay. I really want to come visit you know that you are done with school. Let me know when is good for you. Hannah has her summer library camp MWF and she would kill me if she didn;t get to me, k

Bethany said...

Linds - I am glad to hear that your ultrasound went well yesterday. If he is about 8 pounds right now you better get him to drop into that canal so he doesn't get any bigger. Can't wait to see you!!

RoozGal said...

It sounds perfect. Enjoy the clean house, it may be the last you see of it for a while after that baby arrives! ha