Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chillin' at home

Our neighbor gave Kenny these gorgeous roses from her front yard yesterday to give to me....she felt bad that I hadn't "dropped down" yet and thought I needed some cheering up. She must have caught a glimpse of me waddling around.

Wasn't that sweet? And these flowers are beautiful and the smell, OMG our whole house smells so good! Nothing like hand-picked, home grown roses! Complete with thorns and all!

I spent the day at home and it rocked. I cleaned out 3 closets, and I mean CLEANED THEM OUT. I also took a couple naps in between and sat down for an hour or two with my feet up.

Kenny was gone all day and is coming home to a surprise....he finally has half the closet in our bedroom! I have deprived him of that for the 2 1/2 years we've lived in this house. He always used the closet in the spare bedroom. I evicted him from that closet (and the room too) when we found out we were pregnant. So all his clothes have been in the basement hanging and folded on a table. I gave him space in the closet in our bedroom (it's huge) for his dress clothes, hats, shoes and misc junk that will inevitably end up in there. He is very happy with the rest of his clothes downstairs, and so am I because when they come out of the dryer I don't have to carry them upstairs!

Tomorrow morning I'm back to the OB for my weekly check-in and maybe there will be some dialating! Here's to hoping!


Lori said...

We live parallel lives in so many ways...cracks me up! Kevin's junk is all in the spare room closet and will have to be shifted around when/if a baby comes too!
Hoping for dilation...let us know!

Tasha said...

What a sweet neighbor.

RoozGal said...

Reading your posts I can tell how perfect your life is right now. You truly are blessed, Lindsey. I know you realize that. Please step back and take a look around. This is it. You've got it all and I want you to drink it all in and enjoy every minute of it!! I'm so happy for you..!