Thursday, June 18, 2009


My Wednesday doctor's appointment was the best yet. There is progress, but it hurt like crazy to find out just how LITTLE progress there was. Let's just say that to find out I was 1/2 cm dialated, I had to grasp the edge of the table and scream in pain. That stinker is still all the way up in my ribcage, not really wanting to make an appearance yet. Anyway, the good news is those little twinges I felt last week were contractions, not much to speak of, but hey, there's progress being made. I'm due the 24th, and my next appointment (and last for my regular OBs office) is Tuesday. If they find no more substantial progression by Tuesday, I'm going to the hospital on Friday the 26th to get the gel put on my cervix. I'm sure plans change and it's all on baby time, but for the moment, I'm not feeling any closer to labor physically or mentally and so I'm counting on some kind of action maybe by NEXT weekend. That's the deal for now! Everything is good, my bp, my heart beat, his heart beat, his movements, it's all good!

Here are some pictures of how I decorated his room this week. I really didn't want to spend a bundle of dollars on stuff he won't even enjoy right now, so I used fabric (blue stars) and stretched it across 4 canvases. I found some cute (but not too baby-ish) appliques and sewed them onto the fabric (before I stretched it on the canvas) and here ya go!

I think they turned out so cute! And they aren't too baby-ish or nursery-ish. I have some really nice black picture frames with white mattes already in place to hang on the blue wall on either side of the window after we take some newborn pictures. I couldn't think of anything else to hang up there, so photographs win! That will just have to wait till he arrives. The rest of the room is put together, the swing and bassinett won't be in here for long I bet.

My mom is finishing a tall bookcase she made that will go next to the green dresser, complete with baskets and goodies to fill the shelves. We are getting an antique rocking chair reupholstered to put in front of the window, that will be here in July. Nothing like procrastinating on that, right? We have another rocking chair and my rocking leather recliner in the livingroom to keep me happy until the antique one is done. And that's about it! His room isn't themed out, it's just bits and pieces of cute things. Easily changeable when I get bored!

I also wanted to share pictures of some gifts I have gotten that are just awesome.

This rocking chair was Kenny's when he was a kid, his mom saved it and gave it to us a couple months ago. See the blue blanket on the left? That's a Detroit Tigers blanket from Tasha! So is the baby cap on the bear in the middle, it has Detroit Tigers all over it. She sure knows my taste!

This ADORABLE little man outfit was a gift from fellow blogger Tana. My son will FOR SURE be getting professional pictures taken in this. Look at that hat!!

And the ABC lamp and picture frame was a gift from Kenny. He bought it somewhere during the winter and I think it was the first thing he ever bought his son.....true love! We have received so many wonderful, thoughtful gifts for this baby. We are blessed!

Now I'm off to have dinner with one of my BFFs for her birthday! Max & Erma's....yummy! And probably heartburn city, but it's worth it:)


Lori said...

Well...I have to say you scared me with that clutching the table screaming talk...this having a baby thing doesn't sound fun! I am easily scared on the topic. BUT, I loved the nursery talk!! What a cute idea on the walls above the it!

Bethany said...

Oh the room is just perfect!! It is so cute! I can't wait to see it in person on Monday. "Come on Carson, you need to come out and see your aunt bethy".

Tasha said...

I ALWAYS hated getting checked to see if I was dialted. Just wait until you are actually in hard labor and they need to check you with a contraction...Yes thats right scream city. I ALWAYS clutch the bed too. It hurts like hell. Nothing like scaring the new mom or anything...LOL

His room is so precious. I love the little animals on the fabric. What a cute idea. His crib looks really good too.

I am so excited for you I can't wait. What did your dr say about the baby's weight? Is she okay with what it is? I'll call you later k

Love ya tiger fan!

Krystyn said...

The wall art is adorable.

And, yes, those "checks" are no fun!

You've got everything ready, now we just need a baby!

RoozGal said...

I love the baby's room! Those pictures with the appliques are seriously adorable! I'm glad you like the outfit I sent. I've never had baby boys in my life to shop for so I really enjoyed looking in the boys department for a change! Can't wait until the little guy arrives, hoping for pictures, pictures, and more pictures! Won't be long now!