Thursday, January 21, 2010


Oh this week has been a hard one. After a 3 day weekend my students seem to be so much more squirrelly than they were the first week back after the new year. Something about that extra day without school structure.....OMG it's been rough. And I didn't even go to work today! I heard my class was pretty good until dismissal and then they lost it. Sounds about right!

Haven't made it to the gym yet this week, not good for my weight loss goal, however I have still been doing southbeach pretty well (phase 1 and 2 combined) so it hasn't been a complete wash without working out. I will say sacrificing the exercise for extra hours of sleep has been much needed. So I'm not going to feel guilty. I PROMISE I'll make up for it this weekend:)

Carson has started to want to stay up later and later at night. Since he was about 6 weeks old, he has slept through the night, from 8pm to 8am, if not later. Lately, he has not wanted to go to bed on his own at 8pm. I do the bath, bottle, bed routine starting around 730 and by 8pm he's knocked out. But now he won't go to sleep when the bottle is gone and instead starts laughing and playing and not wanting to sleep. CRAZY BABY!!!!