Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Months!!!

Ahhhh today was a snow day!! What a treat, rating right up there with opening presents on Christmas morning as a kid!! I didn't even have to get out of bed. Even better! Carson and I stayed in our PJs all day and snuggled a whole bunch. I think Kenny was jealous!

Today was my momma's bday and between Kenny & I and my brother, we pooled our $$ and gave her a gift card to Macy's so she could get her fiestaware flatware that she's been wanting for a while. Due to the snow, she didn't drive to my house today so I called her, told her what her gift was (a complete surprise), gave her the numbers on the gift card and WHAM a few hours later she had her flatware was ordered!! And she is one happy Momma!!! Yay!

Seven months old my baby is today....whew! Here he is hamming it up for the camera, which he immediatly tried to grab ahold of and put in his mouth!!! He's close to crawling I think, but I don't think he WANTS to crawl. He would just rather have momma carry him or hand his toys over. He is so much fun, always smiling and drooling and laughing and he's also very close to saying dada. I was hoping his first word would be momma, but he's saying dada, however he isn't meaning Kenny. He is just babbling, but sooner or later he will figure out WHO dada is!!

The next two days are going to be COMPLETE CRAZE at work. They are the last two days before we have a one week midwinter break. Even if today hadn't been a snow day, the week before vacation is rough. However, being that today the kids were at home, tomorrow is count day complete with an in-school dance, and Friday there will be school-wide Valentine's Day celebrations, and to top it all off, both days are free dress, which means students will be in their regular clothing, not uniforms, which always leads to "different" behavior. So I'm crossing my fingers, making sure my lessons are tight and I'm overly prepared with extra work and rewards!! The busier they are the better they are!!

Making raspberries at his puppy!

Helping mama with the laundry!

Trying to get dad's hat....

Got the hat and in the mouth it goes!!!


Vader's Mom said...

I swear he gets more and more handsome with every photo you take!! And the photo with "his puppy" is adorable. Look at all the love there! :)

Glad we were able to enjoy your day off! We just found out we have a snow day, but my boss wants me to work from home today. Wish it was a total free day for me.

Tasha said...

mid winter break?? We don't get that. You and Carson should come over and play with me and Ben. I am free all next week. I'm gonna call you and we will get together!

I can't believe he is 7 months already, holy COW!!!!